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Winner of 10 prestigious design awards including Mumsnet Best Award, Practical Parenting & Innovation Award and the LBP Best Travel Invention Award.

Product Info

BoostApak is the best way to avoid hire charges when travelling abroad. It's a hand luggage-approved backpack that doubles as a booster seat with plenty of space for toys and games to keep everyone content during long journeys. It's also an ideal solution for sharing lifts and travelling in coaches or taxis.

BoostApak is a ECE44.04 approved car seat for group 2 & 3, certified to European Union and United States safety standards, recommended for children under 135cm weighing between 15 and 36 kg (approx. 4–12 years).

Booster seats are not only important to ensure that your child is safe and comfortable during a car journey, but UK law requires that ALL children under 12 years old or 135cm in height use a booster seat. So it’s essential to always have one with you when travelling by car or taxi.

If you're hiring a booster seat on holiday, BoostApak could save you £100's, take a look at our hire charges research here.

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Unique fold-out seat belt guides with quick release button Removable wipe clean cover Ergonomic back padding High visibility reflective trim Hard plastic internal shell to protect contents ID tag Seatbelt adjuster for a secure fit Customise the strap height to fit your child as they grow, ensuring maximum safety.


  • How strong are the shoulder straps? BoostApak is made with super-strong reinforced shoulder straps.

    How safe is BoostApak?BoostApak is a robust and totally safe booster cushion designed to guarantee a child is always positioned at the optimum height to maximise protection provided from seatbelts in a collision. If your child's safety is paramount then BoostApak is the best portable booster on the market. BoostApak is certified to regulation ECE R44.04 for groups 2 and 3.

    Can BoostApak be used as hand luggage? Yes! BoostApak fits comfortably within hand luggage restrictions, with a spacious 8 litre capacity with enough room for books, toys and a change of clothes.

    What age group is BoostApak suitable for? BoostApak is a group 2 & 3 car seat suitable for children under 135cm or weighing between 15 - 36kg (approximately aged 4 - 12 years).

    Won't everything get squashed when sat on? No, BoostApak has a very sturdy plastic shell which keeps all your belongings protected. No more bruised bananas at break time!