A Fresh Start: New Year Resolution Ideas For Your Kids

Trust us - even the kids will need a fresh start in 2021. Whether you need the little ones to help out around the house or get to bed on time, the commitment and dedication needed for New Year resolutions is a great life lesson. For some inspiration, we’ve got together some of the best New Year resolution ideas for the kids.

Keep them keen

First things first - organisation. If you’re not planning out the resolutions with your kids, it won’t happen. We’d suggest sitting down with the little ones and writing a list of resolutions they want to complete. At bedtime everyday, cross out the day on a calendar to reinforce the resolution and keep them motivated.


This one’s for all the family. It’s way too easy to let screens absorb family time, so committing to spending time without them is a great resolution. For example, every night you could take an hour out to play a board game or have an arts and craft session. Not only is this important for the kids, you’ll benefit enormously from time away from the TV too.

Fitness fun

Exercise is important for everybody, so dedicating half an hour of the day to exercise is brilliant for both you and the kids. Whether you’re playing sports in the park or going on walks exploring the woods, getting outside on a regular basis is a great way to start the year. Instilling the importance of exercise into your kids from a young age will be something that will help them in later life.


This one might be on the adult’s list too. Skipping a reading night can be an easy trap to fall into, which makes staying committed to a reading session every day the perfect New Year resolution. Find some books your kids are excited to read and make sure to spend at least half an hour reading with them. Watching their reading level shoot up is the perfect reward.


We’re doing you a favour with this resolution. Getting your kids to contribute to the chores of the house not only teaches them about responsibility, but also makes them more appreciative of all you do for them. They could help wash up the plates after dinner, fold up the fresh laundry or cook simple meals alongside you. At the end of the day, you’re both getting something out of this one.

Completing these resolutions together with your kids doesn’t only help them stay committed - it helps you too. Everyone deserves a new start in 2021, so grab a pen and paper, sit down with your kids and write up some resolutions to stick to. 

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