Autumn Activities For Kids – Wrap Up Warm & Head Outside!

When could be a lovelier time to spend a few hours outdoors with your children than on a bright, crisp autumn day when the trees are looking vividly colourful and crispy leaves litter the ground just begging to be kicked…

We recently headed out with our trusty Harley Trunki and found he came in very handy for storing collected conkers in. Autumn provides a limitless number of fun – and free – activities for kids. Some of which you can use your Trunki for! Here’s a little list of our faves…

1 | Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of items for your little ones and send them off to find them! Examples to inspire you: a large red leaf, a small yellow leaf, a flower, something beautiful, a conker… but we’re sure you’ll think of loads of your own!

2 | Autumn Sensory Tray

This is a fab thing to do with your Trunki… Head out to the park or local woodlands and get the kids to fill their Trunki with lovely things – leaves, conkers, fir cones, maybe even apples and so on. Then head home and use the Trunki as a sensory tray – either just using the things you found or by adding other items kids love to play with – dried beans, peas or lentils always go down well. Add some little toys like cars and figures and maybe some cups and other containers for them to fill and empty and you will – hopefully – find yourself with happy children and an hour of peace (and not too much mess to clear up at the end)!

3 | Autumn Leaf Collage

Who doesn’t love making a collage? Especially when there’s so much good collage material littering the ground! Get your little ones to gather the prettiest leaves they can find in the greatest array of colours then head home, give them some card and glue and let them get sticking. You could also make an autumn crown by cutting out a piece of card that’ll fit round their head and getting them to stick leaves, feathers etc onto it.

4 | Feed the Birds

This is such a nice thing to do with children as they’re helping nature and will hopefully get to do a spot of birdwatching too. Mix seeds with lard (peanut butter or coconut oil also work if you don’t happen to have lard in the cupboard or fancy having your kids smearing it everywhere!) and mould into cookie cutters or half a coconut, thread through some string and hang from tree branches in the garden.

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5 | Bark and Leaf Rubbings

It’s a classic activity to do with kids, but you might have forgotten the simple joy of creating bark and leaf rubbings. All you need are some crayons and a pad of (preferably thinnish) paper. To do your bark rubbings, hold the paper on the tree and let your little one go crazy with the side of a crayon. For leaf rubbings, press the leaf between two sheets of paper in your pad and do the same.

Have you been out and about with your Trunki this autumn? Share your favourite autumnal activities with us on our Facebook page – we’d love to see what you’ve got up to!

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