Back to School: How to get back in the swing of things

After taking the biggest summer holiday ever, getting back into the swing of school has never been more challenging for parents and children. Kids across the UK are back behind their school desks and with this comes the usual scramble for preparation. If you’re feeling stressed about returning to the routine of it all, we’ve compiled a few pointers to help you ease back into normality.

Keep up a dialogue

With so much time off, the thought of going back to school was always going to be difficult. Keeping in touch with your child’s emotions and creating a natural dialogue is the best way to calm those nerves. There’s also never a better time to whip up some enthusiasm! Get your child excited about going back by talking about some of their favourite parts of school.

Prepare yourself for the school gates

Whether you’ve enjoyed the months you’ve had with your kids or you’re looking forward to seeing a bit more free time, watching your children run through the school gates for the first time isn’t going to be easy. While it may be tough, it’s best to make sure you're mentally prepared to leave your little ones in the hands of teachers again. Don’t worry, they’ll be back in a few hours!

Get back to a sleep schedule

We won’t judge you for losing control of that sleeping schedule. All those days off inevitably lead to lenient sleeping times. Taking back control of bedtime again before school starts is really important if you want your children to be ripe and ready for their first day. Also, if you’ve been kind with screens before bed over the holidays, now’s the best time to get it lowered and improve your child's concentration.

Organise everything together

Getting all the stationary and school uniforms before the start of term is a great way to build some excitement for the new school year. Start organising everything together with your children by creating a tick list of what’s needed. Buying brand new pens, pencils and rubbers is way more thrilling than you would’ve thought.

Communicate with teachers and the school

Putting in that little bit of extra effort can make all the difference. Creating study plans, setting goals and being aware of your child’s progress all become simpler if you’re in regular contact with teachers. After months off, it’s best to give your child’s teachers a ring to discuss how the school is moving forward, helping you prepare for the new school year.

If you or your kids have butterflies in your stomachs at the idea of returning your kids to school, relax - you’ll be surprised how much easier it is to slip back into routine. If you stick by our tips,, you’ll ease smoothly back in the swing of things.

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