Competition: WIN With Trunki and Stickerscape! Time To Decorate the Nursery!

So a nursery doesn’t need too much – a bed, storage for clothes, toys and books. So far so easy. But if you really want to make it special then you need… well, what you really need is the super stylish Abigail who blogs over at Lily Mae Adventures, some superb wall stickers from Stickerscape and a trusty Trunki.

Armed with her wall stickers and Trunki, Abigail has created an inspiring room for her little girl. And (*whisper it*) she got it done while her one-month-old was napping. We are in awe. See the finished room below and – if you love it as much as we do – enter our competition to win a Trunki Made For Me, £50 to spend at Stickerscape and more!

This week has been a bit of a productive week for me. I’ve recently started successfully putting Archer down for naps in his moses basket during the day (thanks white noise!) which has enabled me to get more done whilst he sleeps. I’ve decided to start tackling the house as I’ve let it slide a lot lately and as a result it’s looking the worst its ever looked. My plan is to work my way through the house bit by bit, room by room and each week I’ll be working on a different part of the house till I’m happy.

This week I decided to start on the kids’ rooms.

Lily’s room didn’t need too much doing to it but the wall above her bed has been bothering me for a while as it’s been looking pretty bare compared to the rest of her walls. Stickerscape sent me some lovely vintage hot air balloon wall stickers and I’m so in love with them! They come in gorgeous pastel colours, each balloon with a floral pattern and they give her wall so much more character. Stickerscape have a fantastic range of wall stickers so I’d highly recommend checking them out as you’re bound to find something to suit whatever theme of room or nursery you’ve decided to go for. When Archie gets a bit older I’m thinking of doing him a woodland themed nursery and so I already have my eye on their lovely woodland range.



I haven’t completely finished Lily’s wall yet as I’ve left the top left hand corner free for a large sunshine and there’s a few extra bits around the room that need doing too – a new lampshade for example – but it’s almost there and I plan to post a room update once it’s complete.

We’re planning on making the most of the upcoming warmer months by going on a few trips away during the summer so when Trunki got in contact to see if I’d like to work with them it seemed like perfect timing.

I’m really impressed by the Trunki range and had a hard time choosing which Trunki design to go for. We eventually chose the Gruffalo Trunki as Lily loves the Gruffalo story and it can be used by Archer as well. Already the Trunki is proving itself as a worthwhile baby product as well as being brilliant for older children. It’s a great accessory for Archers nursery, it looks good sat next to his cot and matches his nursery colour, which is currently brown. We’re using it to keep all his nappies, wipes and cream in at the moment which makes his nursery look a lot tidier as those items can tend to make the room look rather cluttered when left out on the side.

That being said Lily does keep stealing the Trunki and taking it into her room too, and it looks equally as good in there. I actually found it on her table full of her Sylvanian Families the other day so I can see the pair o

f them fighting over it when Arch gets older! I can’t wait to start using it on our holidays this summer. June can’t come quick enough!



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