Destination Home: How To Holiday With Your Little One Without Leaving The House

With the current lockdown situation, there’s very little chance of getting a well-earned holiday anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t escape with your little ones from home - yes, from home! Here’s our tips for having some fun and holidaying with your kids without leaving the house.  

Take flight with your Trunki  

Get ready and jet-set with your kids to begin your imaginary holiday from home. Help your little ones to pack their Trunki with all the things they’ll need to enjoy their make-believe holiday - a pair of swimming trunks, a pair of sunglasses - whatever fun items you think will give them the holiday feeling. Once you’re all packed up and ready to go, take them through the airport/house, check-in their bags and get them to settle down in their aeroplane/sofa seats ready for take off!

Recreate your favourite holiday activities

This one might require a bit more imagination, but pretending to do enjoy your favourite holiday activities is great fun that will also exercise your little one’s creative brains. If you’re keen on making a splash in the sea on holidays, get your trunks and goggles then spot some fishies in the bathtub. Alternatively, if you like visiting tourist attractions, get your child’s toys out and make your own palaces and art galleries to visit.

Have a cuisine each night  

Once you’re down seeing the sites and enjoying some holiday fun time, it’s time to eat! It’s up to you how much effort you put into this bit - if you’re in Italy on your imaginary holiday, you can make your own pasta dish or order some pizzas in, if you’ve been on a holiday break to Cornwall, why not have a go at making your own Cornish pasties. Whatever place you’ve decided to go, make sure your dinner is special and in theme.

Watch a foreign film

Now that you’re all worn out from a fun day on holiday, it’s time to settle down and watch a film from your holiday destination. There are plenty of foreign children’s films with English audio to enjoy a story from another culture. You can also order some snacks from your chosen country and enjoy a really authentic movie night in.

It might not be the same as actually going on holiday, but an imaginary trip at home is a wonderful opportunity to have some fun and enjoy other cultures with your children. Simply choose your destination and get ready, jet-set, go!

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