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Packed with historic quarters, modern shopping centres and a calendar of market days, it’s no wonder that Lincoln has become one of the UK’s most popular short break destinations. This historic cathedral city in the East Midlands provides everything you need for a perfect staycation with the whole family.

Located in the north-west corner of Lincolnshire, the city of Lincoln sits on a hill surrounded by lush farming countryside. It is one of the most important historic cities in England and still has a rich collection of historic and architectural landmarks waiting to be discovered today. 

If you were to walk around Lincoln and not enjoy the period buildings, you will almost have definitely been walking around with your eyes closed. The best place to start with the family is in the northern part of the city, known as the Cathedral Quarter. This comprises the most impressive of Lincoln’s landmarks, including the main attraction: Lincoln Cathedral.

As you approach Lincoln Cathedral, take the time to look up - it’s an incredibly impressive building that was the tallest in the world for over 200 years between 1311-1548. If it wasn’t for a broken section of the spire, which wasn’t repaired, it would have been the tallest building in the world until the completion of the Eiffel Tower in 1889!

Venture inside and you’ll be able to tell your little ones about the city’s most famous myth - the Lincoln Imp. The story goes that the devil released two imps to cause havoc on Earth. After causing chaos across the North, the imps ended up at Lincoln Cathedral, tipping over chairs and tables, as well as tripping up the bishop. An angel was sent to remedy the situation and managed to turn one imp to stone, which can now be seen in one of the cathedral’s arches. However, the other got away, which is why even now on the stillest day, a breeze blows through the grounds of the building!


Once you’ve taken in the majesty of the cathedral, it’s time to head over to the city’s other most impressive historic site. Lincoln Castle is a Norman Castle which dates back to the 11th century when William the Conqueror built on top of the 1st century Roman Fortress. 

Take the time to take your little one’s around the castle’s walls where you can get great views of the grounds and surrounding countryside. Then make sure to go and visit the Magna Carta, one of the most important documents in British history. Lincoln Castle is home to one of only four remaining copies in the world!

After your excursions through the Cathedral Quarter, it’s time to head down the Steep Hill (one of Lincoln’s most picturesque period streets) and explore the more modern side of the city.

Lincoln City High Street has a mixture of beautiful Georgian architecture and modern shopping centres. There are all the major brands (as well as local shops) to choose from, which means the whole family will have the chance to get a holiday souvenir!

After you’ve shopped, try not to drop, as there are plenty of riverside restaurants to get some brilliant food. Lincolnshire is one of the biggest farming counties in the UK, so there is plenty of fresh local produce to sample, including the famous Lincolnshire sausage. Our advice is to go to the locally-renowned Browns Pie Shop, which is home to the best pastries in town!

Lincoln is packed full of wonderful history, great shopping and tasty local food - it’s an ideal place to take the family and have a breakaway!

Cheers duck! (Cheers mate) 

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