Top 10 Tips For Family Travel Insurance

Travelling abroad with kids can sometimes seem daunting. The planning and saving required for that much needed holiday cannot be underestimated and let’s face it, we all look forward to our family holiday, that’s why it is essential to take out family travel insurance. For those unfortunate, unpredictable incidents that may occur, and if not dealt with appropriately, can ruin your entire family holiday experience.

Top 10 tips you should know when choosing your family travel insurance...

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Cheapest Isn’t Always The Best! 

Travel insurance is designed to provide cover for many eventualities, including medical expenses, a trip being cut short or cancelled, and loss or theft of possessions.

Check that your policy provides full cover for all your pre-existing medical conditions and cover for any sports and activities you have planned on your family holiday. If you like spending time splashing around the pool with your kids, we’ve got that covered. For those adrenaline junky families, you’ll need to check that your activities are covered.

You may have travel insurance included with your bank arrangements, and we would ask you to check that the policy limits meet your family’s needs, especially destinations and pre-existing medical conditions cover and the value of your family holiday.

Check If Kids Are Covered For Free!

If you want to spend more money on ice creams, check out whether your kids are covered for free under your family travel insurance.

And did you know, that if you buy a family annual multi trip policy, mums and dads are automatically covered for their well-deserved kid-free breaks?

Consider Multi-trip Deals

If you are planning more than one holiday in a year, you may wish to consider buying an annual multi trip policy, as a more cost-effective option.

You have the option to take cover for holidays lasting up to 60 days, perfect for the adventurous family who enjoy longer trips. If you are a family who likes to have a summer and winter break, have a look at the activities we cover.

Your Possessions Are Precious

Check the travel insurance policy limits are appropriate to the value of your personal belongings you are packing in your luggage. All family members love their gadgets nowadays, and our Platinum family travel insurance policy will cover these items.

If you are taking your own buggies and car seats, check they are covered. Covered2go family travel insurance will cover these items, but check the limits are appropriate to the value of them.

Did you know that many household contents insurance policies, already cover loss of items you take away from your home? You may also have travel insurance as part of bank arrangements, which may provide some cover for your belongings, in these cases, check the insurance policy limits and excesses.

All policies expect you to take care of your possessions at all times. We recommend you take as much care of your belongings as if they were uninsured. Any loss must be reported to the policy within 24 hours, and proof of this will be required if you make a claim.

Cancellation Cover Limit

Family holidays abroad are not cheap, so it is important to check that the policy limits meet the full cost of your holiday if your trip is cancelled or significantly delayed. If this does happen, we know how disappointing it is for everyone, but knowing you can claim back the cost of your holiday is good to know.

Check There’s A 24-hour Emergency Medical Assistance Service

Nobody expects to be ill or injured on holiday, do they? But unfortunately, accidents do happen, and you may need our help with certain situations abroad.

Covered2go Emergency Assistance facilities is available 24 hours a day. If you or anyone in your family have an accident or need medical treatment for an illness, Covered2go’s 24-hour service will confirm cover and handle all assistance and negotiations on your behalf. They can also help you get home quickly if you have an emergency at home and need to cut your trip short.

Apply For Your EHIC!

An EHIC is not an alternative to travel insurance, it will not cover any private medical healthcare or costs. However, we recommend you, and all your family members take out an EHIC, this gives you the right to access state provided healthcare during your family holiday in the European Economic Area (and Switzerland). Apply or renew your EHIC for free. If you’re travelling outside of the European Economic Area, you will need medical cover on your family travel insurance policy - and remember, all your family members need one!

Look Out For Excesses

Most policies carry an excess, and this is the amount you are required to pay towards any claim you make.

The excess amounts vary, depending on your policy choice, however, if you wish to waive the excess on the policy, you can, subject to payment of an additional premium.

Cover Your Pre-existing Medical Conditions

It is important to answer any questions about your (and all family members) medical history, fully and honestly. Withholding details of your medical history may mean you are not fully covered, and we cannot emphasise enough, the high cost of emergency medical assistance in other countries.

If you or a family member have any pre-existing medical conditions, you can declare them online or by telephoning our medical screening team on 0203 829 6587.

Covered2go can offer cover for many pre-existing conditions without extra charge. However, in order to benefit from full cover for some pre-existing medical conditions, an additional charge or higher excess may be applied to the policy. All cases are treated individually and sensitively.

What’s Your Activity?

Swimming, horse riding, water parks, skiing…

Most policies cover certain sports and leisure activities as standard. Winter sports and more extreme activities can be covered for an additional premium. If you do not see your activity in our extensive list, please contact us as we may be able to offer you and the family, cover that is appropriate.

Planning your next family holiday is such an exciting time, we all look forward to spending time together and having fun.

Wherever your next trip may be, we hope you have a great time!

Written & Provided by our friends at Covered2Go!


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