Firework Fun: How To Enjoy Bonfire Night With Your Kids

Lighting up the sky with dazzling colours on the 5th November isn’t only a bit of fun - it’s tradition. Bonfire Night is an event filled with amazement, so why not pack the night with fun activities for the kids? From arts and crafts to toffee apples, there’s plenty of fantastic ways to spend the day with your little ones. Here’s a few of our favourite ways to enjoy Guy Fawkes Night with the kids:

Glow stick hunt

In a night dominated by light, a glow stick hunt in the dark can be a really fun activity for children. Buy some glow sticks, hide them in various spots around your garden and wait for the hunt to begin. If you’ve hidden them well enough, a glow stick hunt can be a great game to play before the fireworks are let loose.

Art attack

With all those breathtaking colours painting the night’s sky, there’s never been a better reason to get messy with some arts and crafts. Dig out those bright paints and utensils and get the creative juices flowing! Fireworks are both the simplest and most colourful things for kids to paint. You should have a wonderful selection of sparkling paintings when you’re all done!

Toffee apples

Who doesn’t love these sumptuously sweet treats? Toffee Apples are a staple of many Bonfire Nights around the country and we definitely think you should get involved! Find some recipes online and spend the day with the kids making a batch. You could also buy a variety of delicious sprinkles to help them stick out in their own way.


If your children are above five, sparklers can be the cherry on top of a lively night. They aren’t expensive at all and can provide brilliant entertainment while you’re waiting for the fireworks. You could even try challenging your little ones to draw their names in the air with their sparklers.

Stay safe

As always, staying safe on Bonfire Night is especially important. Make sure your children wear gloves and no loose clothing if they’re using sparklers. Always ensure they’re far away from any fire or fireworks. Also - it might be a good opportunity to teach your kids about the importance of fire safety. At the end of the day, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. We’d suggest investing in one of our ToddlePaks - a great way to stay in control of your child, especially around fire.

It’s been a rocky year for many reasons. While we can’t attend those brilliant Bonfire Night events we’re used to over the years, that doesn’t mean the day can’t be packed with fun for your kids. 

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