Funny Bunny: Five hilarious kids games for Easter

Easter is a great holiday to spend time with your little bunnies. It marks the early days of spring, it’s usually warm enough to be outside and plus there’s lots of yummy chocolate to enjoy! Here are five hilarious kids games to make Easter more fun than ever!

Plant an Easter Bunny tree

Who says that holiday trees are only for Christmas! We think plating an Easter Bunny tree is a great way to have some fun with your little bunnies and spend some time outdoors. Simply plant a tree in the garden and then decorate it - this can be with chocolate eggs, real eggs, carrot bunches, easter bunny baubles, whatever gets you in the spirit of Easter. It can become a tradition to decorate your Easter Bunny tree each year! 

Do easter-eggs-ercises

We all know that we’re going to eat a little bit (or way) too much chocolate over Easter! A great way to try and rebalance the scales and have some fun at the same time is to do some easter-egg-ercises. Dot some visible eggs about the house but instead of a clue in each one, there’s an exercise-instruction (e.g. ‘do 5 jumping jacks’, ‘run fast on the spot for 30 seconds’). Once your little chicks have done all their eggs-ercises, they can have their chocolate treat!  

Play with letter eggs 

Letter eggs are a great way to bring some educational activity to your Easter egg hunt! Try labelling each egg with a letter from A-Z and attaching a clue which leads to another letter, for example - ‘what letter does chocolate start with?’, ‘what’s the first letter in your name?’, ‘what’s the last letter in the alphabet?’. Once your little genius has completed the letter trail, they get their Easter gift!  

Make time for carrots too

As every parent knows, the Easter Bunny’s favourite food of them all is carrots - so try to make time for them over the Easter holidays as well as chocolate! Why not have a go at making carrot cake, carrot soup or carrot sticks and dips with your little bunny - it’s a great way to bring some different flavours to Easter and promote some healthier eating too!

The bunny hop relay 

No Easter holiday is complete without a bunny hop relay - for both little ones and big ones! Get a burlap sack for each player (complete with a stuck-on bunny tail on the back), split your family into teams, set a start and finish line, and you’re good to go. Your little ones will love pretending to be bunnies and it’s a great way to join in on a game with them too. We recommend making sure that everyone gets a prize at the end to avoid bunny tears!

Easter is a wonderful time to enjoy some quality time with your little bunnies! We hope that our five hilarious kids games will have them hopping around and enjoying themselves even more than usual!

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