Spooky Special: Our Tips For A Special Halloween With Your Kids

Spooky season is upon us once again and we all know what that means - dressing up with the kids in your creepy costumes and carving up some petrifying pumpkin faces. While the fun of trick or treating may have been taken away from us this year, there’s still plenty of hair-raising activities to get involved with. Here’s a few of our top tips for making this Halloween the kid’s spookiest one ever:

Pumpkin carving

This is a classic - pumpkin carving is one of the must-dos on Halloween. Lay out some pumpkins and challenge your little ones to carve out the spookiest faces they can. When you’re all done, place your pumpkins with a candle on the windowsill to give passers-by a fright! If you can, we’d even suggest going pumpkin picking.

Decorate the garden

Turning your front garden into a cobweb-ridden, skeleton swinging lair is an activity that your kids will adore. Have a search online with your children for some creepy decorations and spend the afternoon turning the outside of your home into a haunted house that rivals the Addams family mansion. Whether it’s ghostly lanterns or felt creepy crawlies, we’d suggest making some of your own decorations too!

Make a spooky video

Watching a horror movie with your kids might be a little too much, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own scary cinematic masterpiece. Dress up the kids in some gruesome outfits and think of some spooky ideas for a video. We’d suggest plenty of jump scares so you can create a film that would have Kubrick shaking in his boots!

Get baking

Baking some scarily sugary treats is another fun way to spend halloween with the little ones. Find a simple recipe online and take your kids through the baking process. The best part? Getting your creative juices flowing with the icing. Making up some spooky characters on your cookies or cakes is sure to add a ghostly atmosphere to your Halloween night!

Create some Halloween slime

Sounds gruesome doesn’t it? Concocting your own batch of halloween slime with your kids will feel like you’re in amongst a coven of witches. You’ll be surprised at how fun (and easy) slime is to make and there are plenty of recipes lurking around the internet to help you get started - all you need is some child-friendly glue, food colouring, baking soda and water. We’d suggest putting the slime in mason jars and decorating the container with googly eyes and felt.

Halloween really is a great excuse to spend some quality time with the kids and these 5 tips will put the spooky atmosphere levels of your house through the roof. So bring out the sweets and get decorating - this Halloween is sure to be the scariest one ever!

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