Trunki’s Super Eight: Our Family Resolutions For 2020!

Life goes by so quickly that it can be hard to take the time to stop and reflect, especially when you have little ones! With the New Year just around the corner, we thought it is was the perfect opportunity to share our recommendations with you all. Here are our top seven family resolutions for 2020!

Family-fun night

It can be difficult to find the time to be together as a family, so try dedicating one night a week to family-fun night! This can take any form you and little ones can want it to! Think: board games, late-night walks, family karaoke, cooking a meal as a team or even just watching some funny films - anything! If you’re having fun as a family, you can’t really go wrong!

Being silly with Mum!

Eat dinner as a family

If there is one sure thing to bond a family, it’s eating together. This can be tricky to fit into a busy schedule, especially in the morning when everybody’s rushing off to work or school. So, try to take the time in the evening to have dinner together. Dinnertime is a great opportunity to talk to each other and learn about each other’s days! 

Do something new together

The everydayness of life can bore parents and kids alike, so don’t let it! Taking the time to share a new experience together can help to strengthen bonds and create life-long memories! It could be something as simple as making homemade ice cream, painting some pre-made pottery, or picking your own food from a local farm, or you could something more adventurous like a hot air balloon ride!

Spend time with each child individually

Even the world’ greatest parents struggle to split their time evenly amongst their children. It’s very difficult to dedicate time to each child – normally you are either apart completely or together as a whole family. However, spending time one-on-one with your children is a very important part of parental bonding.

Pillow fights are tonnes of fun!

Get silly with it

In modern life, it can be very easy to be very serious! We think getting silly with the kids is an absolute must for every parent. Channel your inner child by chasing your little ones around the house like a big monster, by starting a tickling fight or by playing tag around the house! Your kids will love seeing a silly side to you and will strengthen the love between you. Plus, being silly is fun (no matter how old you are!)

Family exercise

Exercising as a family will teach your little ones some healthy habits from a very young age, and will keep Mum and Dad in good fitness too! Going cycling, hiking or swimming with the kids are also great ways to bond as a family.

Cook with the kids

Getting your kids in the kitchen might be a little bit messy but it’s definitely worth it! Teaching your little chef some basic cooking skills, plus information around food and nutrition sets them up with good life skills. Plus, it’s great fun and a wonderful opportunity to bond with your little one! If 

Fun with Dad!

Make a ‘We-will-list’

This is as much fun to plan as it is to actually do! A ‘We-will-list’ is essentially a year-long bucket list of different things you should do together as a family in 2020! This a great way to plan ahead and make sure that the whole family has things to look forward to. Here are some ideas to kick you off: ‘we will swim in the sea, we will go for a walk at midnight, we will go to another continent, we will get a pet, we will plant a tree together’. The choices are endless, and you’ve got all year to do them!

We’ll see you on the other side! Happy New Year!

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