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20% off Splash About

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Our friends over at Splash About have been creating some amazing safety swimwear stuff for ages – they are the lovely team which created the very first children’s float jacket way back in the 1980’s – before Trunki was even a twinkle!

This year they’ve created this patriotic Union Jack design and we’ve got a 20% discount for Trunki friends off this and lots of other great designs. Just go to and use promo code* TRUN20.

You can pack your Trunki full of fantastic and stylish UV clothing (all SPF 50+), wetsuit shorts and tops, and a whole range of cool swimming & holiday accessories including…

The BabyWrap – the ORIGINAL baby wetsuit – designed to keep babies warmer in the water for longer. It’s made with the best quality extra stretchy soft neoprene and it’s really easy to put on and take off as it opens completely flat.

The Combi wetsuit  – it’s a one-piece knee length wetsuit with a vest top that helps keep the core body warm but doesn’t restrict arm movement. And like all Splash About gear it’s SPF50+

This original float jacket –  Designed with the unique Splash About ABS (Adjustable Buoyancy System) and has 16 easy-to-use removable floats to tailor buoyancy to each child’s specific needs. As you’d expect it’s made with the best quality, soft, super stretchy flexible 3mm neoprene. It comes in a fantastic range of bright designs and ideal for children over 1 year. Take a look at and don’t forget your discount code!

*Discount off any one item and if you buy more than one item the discount will come off the most expensive product. Discount can be used on any non-sale item but not with any other offer.


Code TRUN20 expires 14th September 2012

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