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5 Amazing ideas for family craft projects!

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The summer holidays are coming which, for some, requires a deep breath and a firm crossing of the fingers. It’s not easy keeping the kids engaged and active for such a long period of time. That’s why over at toucanBox HQ we’ve come up with some fantastic ideas to inspire the whole family. Whether you fancy taking advantage of the nice (?) weather, or hiding indoors from it, here are our top five activities to keep the kids entertained this summer. And like every toucanBox, each one is laced with some fine learning, to keep little brains stimulated during their time off school. Here we go…

1. Memory Diary

Whether you’re whirling away on an overseas adventure, swinging by some of the finest sights the UK has to offer or not venturing much further than the local shop, we can guarantee that there are some classic memories in the making. The problem with brains is they tend to spill lots of memories out over the years. So how about keeping a crafty journal? Fill it with photos, drawings, trinkets (such as shells, rocks, branches… even sweet wrappers or lolly pop sticks) and accompany it with a few snappy sentences. It’s great to develop literacy skills, as well as encourage kids to express their feelings and reflect on activities.


2. Family Parachute Challenge

We love the idea of setting a challenge that all family members can get involved with. The great thing about this one is that, after a little bit of trial and error, nearly everyone can find a solution or come up with a great, original idea.

Collect together lots of odds and ends from around the house. Include a fair few carrier bags, napkins, newspaper, cotton, string, spools, tape and anything else you might find a use for. The family challenge is to design a working parachute that can be attached to an action figure. Make a target for the jumpers to aim for. A few hints and tips for the kids could include; try a circular or octagonal shape for the parachute; make it as lightweight as possible etc.

One by one, attach your parachute design to a figurine (preferably one that’s already had a few tumbles, and not one from Dad’s limited edition Star Wars collection), hang it over a bannister or balcony, and drop it towards the target. Encourage children to use stopwatches to time the decent, and ask them to make predictions, observations and assessments on the success of each material used.

3. Kitchen Science

Cooking is great fun, mainly because it eventually leads to eating. Lots of sharp objects may put you off getting the little ones involved, but take a deep breath and go for it. Usually, their unique ways of thinking and dreaming up ideas will result in some great creations. But how about bringing a science experiment into the kitchen, too?

You will need: a plastic bottle, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, a balloon and a funnel.

And it goes like this…

toucanBox_kitchen science

4. Get Yourself A Free Jellyfish Racing Kit!

Psst, number four is probably our favourite. To make crafting with your children really, really easy, we’d love to offer you your first toucanBox for free. Each box is a brand new adventure, encouraging children and parents to play, build and create together. With all the materials and imagination included, it’s never been simpler to spend quality time together.

Your first big step into the toucanBox world will be making a set of jazzy jellyfish. Loop some ribbon around them and attach it to a pair of suction cups, and in a few short tugs they’ll be racing up the walls!!

Head over to toucanBox and enter the code TRUNKI14 to claim your free box!


5. Walk A Llama!

Most words that have two consecutive letters at the beginning are fantastic: Oompah (Loompas), Andrew Lloyd Webber, ooze, Aaron Carter (obviously). The pattern continues with llamas, perhaps the most majestic, graceful and awe-inspiring of all creatures past and present. Across this fine land there are dozens of farms that are fuelling the llama-craze, with the unmissable opportunity to walk a llama. Just imagine!!

You’ll either manage to take life by the soft, wooly ears and embark on a llama walk, or miss out on a unique opportunity. Either way, continue the fun indoors with your own mini llamas. You can even put tiny wheels on them and walk them around a table. You’ll just need a toilet roll tube, some cardboard, glue and cotton balls. And why not see what other animals you can dream up. Perhaps even stick some Aaron Carter on in the background!


Start a new adventure with your children this summer. Head over to toucanBox and enter the code TRUNKI14 to claim your first Petite toucanBox for free. Bursting with all the materials you’ll need to make an amazing project, each box comes fully equipped with illustrated instructions, a prize chart, stickers and a learning card, delivered to your door every fortnight.

Trunki has also teamed up with toucanBox to offer you the chance to win a Trunki case filled with crafty goodies –  ENTER NOW TO WIN!

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