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5 quirky Pancake Day ideas kids will love!

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Tomorrow is Pancake Day, yay!! It’s one of our favourite culinary days of the year and it means we have an excuse to eat pretty much whatever naughty treats we fancy (just as long as they’re wrapped up in a yummy pancake parcel).

Now, we’re not knocking the classic sugar and lemon combo, but why not jazz things up a bit this year and impress the kids with something a bit more creative. We’ve put together a quick run down of some of our favourite ideas to test out on the family.

Colourful Character Creations…

cool pancake ideas

How cute are these lovely little pancake characters! Check out these quick tutorials and delight your family with some of these fabulously fun dishes this Pancake Day.

Rainbow Pancakes…

cool pancake ideas

Jazz up your pancake stack this year with a dash of colour and create a pancake rainbow!

Educational Eats…

cool pancake ideas

If you’re feeling adventurous, why not take some inspiration from the pancake blog of an American dad who creates educational visual aids in the form of pancake treats!

Disney Inspired Pancakes…

cool pancake ideas

Everyone loves Frozen right? So why not get the kids to create some of their favourite characters, and then gobble them down for dinner! Check out this easy guide to cooking up your very own Olaf the snowman.

Pancake Portrait…

cool pancake ideas

Immortalise your face forever in pancake form, (or probably for about 5 minutes before you munch down your masterpiece) with this fun YouTube tutorial.

Here’s one we made earlier…


Finally, here’s a little Trunki themed masterpiece we created here at the office. Happy Pancake Day!!! ;-)

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