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6 Easy Tips to Get Your Child Reading!

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Books can open up a whole new world of adventures for children and it’s never too early to start encouraging your little one to build their vocabulary and develop their reading skills. With the right guidance from mum and dad and a few simple teaching techniques, your children could master the basics before they even start school and this week we’ve been chatting with maths and literacy experts at Reading Eggs to get their advice on how to give your little one a head start with their reading.

Six Tips for Helping Your Child’s Reading…

1. Use the ‘Five Finger Rule’
The Five Finger Rule is a quick and easy way to see if a book is suitable for your child to read on their own. Before they start, turn to a random page and ask your child to read it. For every word they don’t know, hold up a finger. If you’ve got all five fingers up, the book is most probably too difficult, and you should try a different one.

2. Show your child how fun reading can be
Children often pay more attention to what we do rather than we say, so let your child see you regularly enjoying a good book. Also, show them how fun reading can be while reading aloud by trying out different voices to bring the story to life.

3. Avoid using reading time as a bargaining chip
For example, ‘If you do your reading you can watch TV for a bit.’ It may be tempting sometimes, but it’s rarely a good idea to associate reading with any incentive other than learning and having fun.

4. Let your child choose their own books
What topics intrigue or excite your child? Choose books that reflect your child’s interests and hobbies, or let them choose books on their own. Take them to the local library and let them browse different books – they will be more inclined to want to read something they are truly interested in.

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5. Set a regular reading time
Education experts agree that parents should try and read with their child every day. If that isn’t possible, as a minimum, try and read to them at least four times per week. You can designate a special time after school when your child can read without interruptions. It’s also a great way to get them into the habit or incorporating reading as a part of their normal daily routine.

6. Be patient
One of the most commonly held myths about reading instruction is that learning to read is natural and comes fairly easily. This can lead many parents to think that their child is struggling. Remember, all children learn to read at their own pace, and if you have any real concerns, make sure to speak to a professional.

91 per cent of parents who try Reading Eggs report a noticeable improvement in their child’s reading within the first few weeks. Reading Eggs is based online so your child can learn anytime, anywhere.

What is Reading Eggs?

91 per cent of parents who try  Reading Eggs report a noticeable improvement in their child’s reading within the first few weeks. It’s based online so your child can learn anytime, anywhere and is designed to teach children essential early reading skills in a fun and engaging way. The multi-award winning programme is based on recognised learning principles and solid scientific research on how children most effectively learn to read. It focuses on the key strategies essential for sustained reading success, covering the five elements of learning to read – phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

With a comprehensive range of self-paced lessons and activities, Reading Eggs lets children build their literacy skills in a safe and highly supportive online learning environment. The programme features fun characters, catchy music and an exciting rewards system to enhance children’s motivation throughout the programme and sustain their interest over a long period of time.
Parents have the ability to track their child’s progress with an integrated reporting feature, check their estimated reading age, and choose to have their child repeat lessons if necessary to reinforce key concepts. To try out Reading Eggs for yourself register for 4 week FREE trial now!



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