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6 quick tips to save money and help avoid holiday hassle.

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A little bit of forward planning can go along way when you’re getting ready for a family holiday and it can be surprising just how much money you can save by taking a few simple measures before you leave. We’ve put together a quick run down of 6 simple things that could save your family some precious extra cash to spend while you’re away. ;-)

1. Save money on flights by clearing your search history.

Did you know that when you are researching flights, many travel websites increase the prices that appear in your shortlist based on your search history and the number of times you have viewed them? So before you book tickets try clearing your cache or open a new ‘Incognito’ window, it could save you a lot of money!


2. Back up your important documents.

Losing your passport on holiday can be a nightmare, so before you travel it’s a good idea to scan your passport, booking reservations, insurance forms or any other important documents and email them to yourself so at least you have a digital copy if anything goes missing.

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3. Save cash in the airport.

Buying drinks for the whole family at the airport can be pretty pricy and since you can’t take liquids through the check-in gates, many parents end up spending a chunk of their hard earned holiday cash before they even get on the plane. Why not pack a few empty bottles in your hand luggage, you can fill them up in the departure lounge and you can always get tap water from any café for free.

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4. Be smart with your luggage.

It’s always surprising how many people have the same suitcase as you when you go on holiday. So if you’re checking in a bag, try tying a ribbon around the handle to help you spot it when you get off the plane. You can also try sticking a fragile label on the outside of the case. This makes it more likely that it will be loaded last, therefore it will be one of the first to hit the conveyer belt when you reach your destination.

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5. Don’t get ripped off by car companies.

If you’re renting a car when you arrive at your destination, always take photos of it when you pick it up and if possible email them to yourself so you have a record of when they were taken. This could help avoid them billing you for any scratches or bumps that weren’t your fault.

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6. Don’t spend a fortune on hire charges for children’s booster seats.

One of the main things to catch parents out with car rentals is the price of hiring car booster seats for their children. Most car companies do provide booster seats at additional cost, but even if you’re organised enough to get everything booked in advance, it’s still going to be expensive. Investing in your own booster seat can actually end up saving you hundreds of pounds in the long run and with something like the Trunki BoostApak you can also use it as hang luggage on a plane, making it the perfect portable car travel accessory for home and abroad.


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