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Awesome sandwich ideas to make your children's lunches fun!!

Here at Trunki, we certainly don’t need any excuse to celebrate the great British tradition of putting food between two slices of bread. Whether it’s a bacon butty breakfast, a nice spot of cheese and pickle or a peanut butter and jam classic – we love sandwiches!

Today marks the first day of National Sandwich Week, so we thought we’d take the opportunity to show anyone who has ever accused the humble sandwich of being boring that they are so, sooo wrong.

Check out these awesome ideas for your children’s lunch boxes…

Get creative with some fun sandwich bag art…

How about making your sandwich into a cake, (apparently a very popular dish in Scandinavia.)

Let your imagination roam free. You can make just about anything out of a sandwich – shoes, a skateboard, a mobile phone, even a football stadium…

Happy National Sandwich Day!  :-)

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