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Back to school: 5 fool proof tips to take the pain out of the morning school run!

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It’s September and summer is officially over (sniff :( ). The mornings are getting darker, winter coats are being dug out of the wardrobe, X-Factor has returned to our TV sets and the kids are finally back at school!

Whether you’re sending your little one off to class for the first time or your children are returning after the summer break, getting back into the school routine can be hard work. So we had a chat with parenting expert and mummy blogger Kate Fever to get her top tips on how to stay sane amidst the morning mayhem…

Family Fever

Kate Fever

Family Fever is a UK parenting and lifestyle blog. An online journal from a mum of 3, it features news, reviews, competitions and memories of all our special moments. I’ve built an online community over the last 2 years, and it’s a lovely friendly place to be – why not stop by and say hello?

The kids are back at school, and I for one can’t believe how quickly the summer holidays have gone by. I’ve quite enjoyed all the mornings in our pyjamas, the absence of lunchbox packing and avoiding the inevitable 3.30pm downpour! But it’s time to start thinking about all those things again.

One of the most chaotic times for us is the early morning pre-school rush. Getting the baby ready for nursery, and the older 2 prepared for the school day can be manic to say the least. My top tip? Be organised!

  • Make up packed lunches the day before, and store them in the fridge overnight. It saves you having to try and find healthy options in the morning at the same time as making toast and trying to grab a cup of coffee.
  • Pack book bags, backpacks and any other bags and leave them by the door. If you try and pack bags in the morning, it’s inevitable that something will be missing. Get everything packed the night before – for you and the children. Then you can just swoop out the door at the allotted time, grabbing bags as you go.
  • Choose clothing in advance. Lay out uniforms and underwear by the bed – encourage the children to fall out of bed and into appropriate clothing without really having to think about it. Hang coats by the door, along with shoes – again, it means that you can head straight out the door without having to find a missing shoe or a stray tie.
  • Have a timer for teeth brushing and face washing. This is one of the jobs my children will try and sneak out of, but having a fun app on my phone which plays a song for the allotted 2 minutes does encourage them to do it. Have a face washing contest – who can rub the cloth over their face the most times in 20 seconds? It might not be perfect, but it’s better than nothing.
  • Stock up on quick breakfast options for the days when you are really pushed for time. We all know breakfast is important, but quite frankly, some days you just need to grab and go. Have a supply of cereal bars, easy to eat fruit and some of those little snack bags of cereal (it seems most children will happily eat these dry). You will know your child has had a nutritious start to the day even if you were in a mad rush.

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How do you manage the back to school mornings? Do you have a tried and tested routine? Share your top tips in the comments below! 


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