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Britain’s Airports Causing Family Stress

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It’s something we look forward to- a holiday. But the one thing that can ruin a holiday before we’ve even jetted off is airline delays, queues, and endless waiting with nothing to do.

Almost half of British parents (49%) have been forced to wait at the airport with their children for up to 4 hours due to airline delays.

With summer on the horizon and nearly three quarters (71%) of Brits admitting to travelling on more family holidays and weekend breaks than when they were a child, what can be done to ease the stress of travelling for both parents and children alike?

With the big summer getaway around the corner, Brits across the country are preparing to jet-off to sunny spots around the world. But arriving at the airport, or even getting there, fills many with dread at the prospect of train and airline delays, lengthy queues, and endless waiting with restless, bored children.

New research conducted by Trunki reveals that two thirds (65%) of Brits say they’ve been frustrated with the lack of seating available after check-in, and almost half of British parents (49%) have been forced to wait at the airport with their children for up to 4 hours due to delays.

With airport expansion an unlikely solution to the insufficient seating, a new suitcase developed by the makers of Trunki- the Jurni– launched this June to combat our travel woes. The latest innovation from the creator of the world’s first ride-on suitcase, acts as a seat and cabin-friendly carry on suitcase with unique organisation compartments for young, tired legs.

Having space for all the family’s gadgets is a priority for many British parents about to embark on their travels this summer.  Over half of British parents (56%) worry about keeping their child entertained at the airport, saying the most important items for their children when travelling are phones (62%), headphones (55%), and iPad/tablets (50%).

Today Trunki Daddy Rob Law and Family Traveller Editor Jane Anderson share their travel tips on the radio today to celebrate 10 years of Trunki and talk about the launch of their new carry on case for the next generation Jurni, plus a few travel tips from Rob Law below:

Why do Brits get so stressed at the airport?

Airports can get over crowded at busy times, not enough seats, long delays, it’s stressful. Jurnicouples as a seat so we’re hoping our new carry on case will relieve some of this.

What does research tell us about Brits experience of airport delays?

In the 10 years we have been selling Trunkis we’ve seen a huge rise in Smartphone usage, especially amongst tweens and teens, which is helping plug the boredom gap, with free Wi-Fi hot spots in airports.

What can families do to try and ease stress when travelling?

Check flights before you leave for possible delays. Choose the right luggage.

Young people are looking for luggage that gives them quick access to their tech, and the freedom to be themselves. Our new Jurnihelps with a quick access portable pod, a seat to rest on and inline wheels to glide along in queues. Essentially they can create their own space on the go.

What inspired you to get involved in the travel industry?

Children can learn so much though travel, experiencing new places and cultures, having an open mind to the wider world will help their future opportunities and help them build a better world for them to live in.


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