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Calling all Parents and Teachers; there’s a new school in town!

If you’ve got older children or teenagers, or teach them, you’ll probably agree it can be hard to keep them interested in their studies, especially if resources are limited.

Teachers work so hard to engage their students but we all know maintaining their attention can be a bit of a challenge! Sometimes you need a bit of extra help to stimulate learners’ imagination…

Step forward, Trunki Learn! Our very own Trunki Tutor has created a website full of engaging content to help stimulate students and support teachers.

To get creative juices flowing, you’ll find inspiring video content to bring the design process to life. Trunki Learn takes you through the entire product design process, even covering the challenging world of Intellectual Property, so the budding designers of tomorrow can be fully prepared to take their ideas to the next level!

Not only that but, if you have Alan Sugar’s next sidekick in your midst, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about setting up a business and building the team of your dreams, with more great videos where Rob shares his personal journey of business challenges and successes.

We’re running a fab COMPETITION too, and the prize is going to be Trunki-tastic ;)

So, don’t delay – head to Trunki Learn today!

Spread the word! Share with all your teacher friends and get them Trunki-Learning!


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