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Car Seat Safety While Keeping Little Ones Snuggly

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It’s super important to make sure we’re doing all we can to keep little ones safe when traveling. Most of us use cars more than any other form of transport so making sure car seats are fitted properly and children are correctly buckled in is usually top of the check list.

But did you know that winter coats can make car travel less safe for kids? Mummy Whiskers parenting and food blogger Katrina explains why it’s important to remove them before strapping in your child.


Car Seat Safety

We all want to keep our little ones snug and warm during the cold winter months to protect them from cold viruses, wrapping them up in lovely chunky winter coats whenever we leave the house. Although car seat safety is important to us all we still fasten our children into their car seats with coats on because we don’t want them to feel the cold, it can take a while for some cars to warm up after all. We think that the school run is only a two minute car journey so it doesn’t matter, it would take longer to remove the coat and put it back on than it would to leave them in it for that short journey.

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The reality is that anything can happen in those two minutes, it doesn’t matter how short or long your car journey is, or how cold it is outside. If your child is fastened into their car seat whilst wearing their winter coat they are not safe.

I watched a video this week that was created by The Today Show that really made it hit home just how dangerous it is to put a child in a car seat whilst they are wearing their coat. The video is hard hitting and not easy to watch but its important that everyone sees this so that they can understand just how dangerous it really is.

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We have a dedicated car blanket now which we put over G once he is fastened in, it keeps him warm and cosy and we know he is securely fastened into his car seat. If you don’t have a blanket spare you could use their coat as a blanket to cover them once they are fastened in.

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