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Cerebra & Modified Trunki Update

In May we told you about the charity Cerebra, who work to improve the lives of children with brain related conditions. One of the ways in which they do this is by modifying products to suit the specific child’s needs. If you’re not aware of Jessica and her oxygen tank Trunki, catch up here.


Cerebra have recently been in touch with some exciting updates. They have modifed another Trixie Trunki for a little girl called Chloe who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. She loves her Trunki but because of her condition, was sliding on the top of it, and then falling backwards before she could re-adjust. Cerebra worked with Chloe’s mother to come up with an easy solution; all she needed was a small back rest and some kind of padding to stop her sliding!

Cerebra are busy little bees at the moment, with more and more Trunki requests coming in. They’re also working on adaptions for our BoostApak and ToyBox.

More information on the charity can be found on their website.



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