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Clever toy storage ideas to keep Christmas clutter-free!

It’s the festive season and – for many of us – that means waving goodbye to the living room floor which will shortly be disappearing under a tidal wave of new toys, discarded wrapping paper and cardboard boxes.

It’s always a good idea to have a bit of a clear out over Christmas – either before the big day if you’ve got time or after if you think the kids will be more receptive to saying goodbye to some of the old toys they don’t play with anymore when they’ve got a stack of shiny new ones.

But even after the clear out you might still be short on space. To help, we’ve found some inspirational ways parents have maximised space and some amazing storage products. Read on and face the Christmas toy deluge without fear!

1. Books don’t have to live on shelves

We love this idea of using an old wagon to store books on. Of course, it might create a problem when you ask your toddler to go and get a book to read and they wheel every book they own over to you. But, hey, reading is good for them, right?!

2. Create a craft cupboard

It’s a messy pastime and it’s pretty messy to store too. All those leaky tubes of paint and half used, discarded bits of cardboard do nothing to complement your lovely neutral living room. A craft cupboard can be fashioned in many ways – upcycle an old wardrobe or dresser or use some simple shelves from IKEA and chuck a nice throw over the front to hide the chaos. Hopefully creating something super orderly will encourage the children to be tidy too.

3. Build clothes storage that grows with your children

A wardrobe and a chest of drawers might seem the obvious solution to clothes storage, but rails and storage boxes can work even better because you can add to them as needed. With boxes, you can also label them – school uniform, PE kit, waterproofs, coats, trousers and so on – so you need never go rooting through drawers looking for a specific item again. Instead of doors, cut the cost by using a curtain to screen the clutter.

4. Make tidying fun with the Trunki ToyBox

The Trunki ToyBox is the perfect toy storage – multiple boxes can be stacked and also linked together like a big toy train! So your little ones can scoot about while they tidy. It’s great for holidays too – simply pack and stack in the car. Buy pink or blue or both for a splash of colour but no clutter!

5. Invest in a toy table

Make stepping on LEGO blocks and Playmobil pieces with your bare feet a distant memory (well, we can dream) with a toy table. The idea of them playing with their toys in one place rather than building a train track across the dining room floor should appeal to most parents. Some even come with bonus toy storage underneath. We love this one by Melissa & Doug.

toy table

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