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Cuddledry’s special offer for Trunki friends

Posted On: Competitions & Offers

Cuddledry, makers of the award-winning baby apron towel, are launching their limited edition Cuddledeer Toddler Towel just in time for Christmas – and here’s a sneak preview for our Trunki friends!

These and other gorgeous Cuddledry towels for toddlers and babies are on special offer for Trunki’s customers as they make fabulous gifts for all your little ones.

Choose from potty polka, fabulous giraffe, gorgeous cowprint and even a dragon complete with scales and tail! Our flagship product – the famous multi-award winning baby towels is also on special offer for our Trunki pals – this is always on the new parents wish lists and voted best new baby gift time and time again!

Cuddledry’s towels are world renowned for their super softness and absorbency, they are 60% more absorbent than cotton towels with an incredible lasting silky softness – perfect for young skin.

Pick up your Cuddledry towels at 20% off with your special Trunki Discount code. Just enter your code TRUNKI when you check out. And shhhhhhh….. don’t tell anyone else!!!!

Visit the Cuddledry website

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