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Deck the halls! Simple ideas for DIY Christmas decorations

Posted On: Parents Corner

The John Lewis advert is out, people are getting upset Elf won’t be shown on Channel 4 this year and the ‘Dream Toys’ for Christmas list is here. There’s no escaping it, Christmas is getting closer, and we thought it was time to start thinking about fun homemade Christmas decorations we can start making ahead of Tree-Day – the day when we try to wedge a 7ft high fir through the front door (“I swear it wasn’t that big when we bought it.”)

It’s a great time for getting craft-y with children. Here are a few inspired ideas we’ve found – let us know in the comments below if you’ve got any suggestions of your own!

Image: The Imagination Tree

First up, we LOVE anything involves making things out of dough, so these salt dough handprint Christmas tree ornaments are our perfect weekend activity. Simply follow the instructions for making the salt dough (and include lots of glitter!) then roll it out and cut into circles that your child can press their hand into. Make two holes to thread string, leave to dry and then let the young ones go to town using whatever paint and craft materials you’ve got to decorate them with. They’re lovely decorations to do every year so you can see how much bigger the hands are getting!

While we’re on the subject of dough, how about homemade snow dough? It’s incredibly easy to make and even ends up crunchy like real snow (just less cold to play with). Make lots in a washing up bowl then enjoy an hour’s peace while the children mould you a winter scene.

Image: The Imagination Tree

Next up is a bit of a retro activity – wool pompoms! We used to love making these at school. Set up the kids with the cardboard circles then they can cover them in wool leaving you to do the bit with the scissors at the end. They’re excellent as tree decorations, or even for wearing if you fancy making a hat or bag a bit more festive.

For something a bit more complicated that’s better for older children, how about creating this twig and pine cone garland? Collecting up the twigs and cones is a fun activity on its own and all that’s required in addition is some string. Do one each together (then tie them together at the end) for a fab and free wintery winter decoration.

Image: Funky Junk Interiors

If you need something to keep younger ones occupied too, there’s always the tried and tested paper chains and paper snowflakes. Paper chains can be made out of old wrapping paper, or they could colour in their own strips of paper. Paper snowflakes can simply be made out of squares of white paper that are folded into triangles and cut into (with safety scissors!). You can then tie a bit of thread around them and hang them up as decorations.


Finally, we really like this idea of decorating a branch from the garden or park – the children could even make all of the ideas above and hang them on their own branch.

Never mind Elf not being on Channel 4 – we’re feeling super Christmassy now without it!

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