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Easy Easter craft ideas for kids!

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The school holidays are the perfect time to spend a bit of quality time with the little ones and what better way to bring the whole family together than with a spot of crafting. In the spirit of Easter, we’ve put together a round up of awesome eggy themed projects that are great fun to make with the kids!

Printable Egg Disguises…

If you’re looking for some quirky egg decorating ideas this Easter, these cute little disguises will add a fun twist to the classic painted egg.

This quick tutorial comes with ready made  character designes are quick to print, fun to cut out, and good skill-building for youngsters too, if you need an excuse. Plus, each piece can be used a zillion ways to perk up your eggy characters.


Hanging Paper Eggs…


These beautiful paper eggs are a great way to add a splash of colour to your home this Easter. They’re super easy to make with the kids, all you need is patterned or plain paper, scissors, a stapler, a needle & some thread.


Cheeky Eggy Faces…

Easter crafts with kids

How cute are these cheeky fellas! Why not draw some little emoticon faces onto your eggs in the morning. It will make breakfast way more fun. ;-)

Fluffy Bunny Masks…

Easter Bunny masks

Transform your little monkeys into bouncing bunnies this Easter with these fluffy bunny masks from Babyccino Kids.


Photo Transfer Eggs…


Now, we’re not suggesting that you encourage your kids to smash each other’s faces in, (no matter how much they get under your feet during the holidays), but these photo transfer eggs make a fun ‘eggception’ to the rules. Have a go at printing some family pics onto the side of your dippy treats which this easy tutorial and add a bit of cool twist to your Easter breakfast.


Bunny Bunting…


These cute little bunnies make the perfect Easter bunting. You can hang them from their ears to decorate a room then unhook them and use them to play some fun Easter games. They come in the form of free printable characters so they couldn’t be easier to make.


Eggy Explosions… 


Finally, for a bit of messy fun, why not give these eggy paint bombs a go. Just fill up some empty egg shells with paint, set up a blank canvas or large piece of paper in the garden and let the kids go mad throwing their little balls of colour to create an eggy masterpiece!

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