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Go treasure hunting this summer – 50% off exclusively for Trunki fans!

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The six weeks of summer holidays can seem like a very, very long time to keep children from saying ‘I’m bored’. So if you’re looking for something a bit different that both adults AND children will enjoy and which doesn’t cost the earth, we’ve got a suggestion: treasure hunting. has over 240 treasure hunts set up across the UK, with a handful in France and Belgium too. The hunts encourage families to explore a local area, unearthing hidden historical gems they might ordinarily have walked right past.  They take about two hours to complete but if you want to make a day of it, just stop off for a bite of lunch or stop in at some attractions en route.

  Hunt fun treasure hunt

You can either order a printed hunt (in colour, black and white or personalised) or get a download to print off yourself. These include everything you need – directions, clues and a map. Alternatively, you could try out the brand new GPS hunts.

To do a GPS hunt, you need to have a smartphone (iphone or Android) or touch screen tablet. The geo-location tracking device will show where you are and the location of hunt clues. The challenge is to navigate to all the clues, answering questions as you go. Slightly shorter, taking about an hour, these are great for a last minute activity as you can decide to do one while you’re out in a town, rather than pre-ordering a hunt. They also up the ante when it comes to competition as you can split into teams and keep track of their scores as you hunt for clues.

Hunt fun treasure hunt gps


What’s great about doing a treasure hunt?

  • Treasure hunts gets kids active but they don’t realise they’re doing exercise, as they’re so keen to find the next clue.
  • All the exercise tires them out. Hoorah!
  • They’re educational – both you and your children will learn plenty of interesting facts about a town’s history that you might not have known
  • They help you explore new places – great for your home town or a place you’re visiting for the day
  • They don’t cost a lot
  • They really are suitable for all ages – including grandparents, adults, teens and kids. If you’re not sure about whether your toddler or baby will cope, here are some tipsfor this age group.
  • The personalised hunts make great gifts and they’re also brilliant for birthday parties


Excusive Trunki Discount!

The treasure hunts start at just £4.99. The GPS hunts cost £12 but huntfun is offering Trunki blog readers a special 50% off discount – just £6 for a family day out. Bargain! Simply go to – and use the voucher code:




Please note, the GPS hunts are currently only available in Brighton, Bristol, Canterbury, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Oxford and York. They will soon also be available in Leeds, Norwich, Birmingham, London West End, Aberdeen, Liverpool, Bath, Chester, and Bournemouth.

If you do take advantage of this offer, please come back to this post and tell us how your hunt went! We may have to have a go ourselves- big kids!


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