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Happy 6th Birthday Trunki!

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It’s our birthday today! The company is 6 years old and we’re very excited about it.

We’d absolutely love for you to celebrate our birthday with us by sharing your favourite Trunki-related memories. Just leave a comment on this blog post :o) Our favourite ones will be tweeted on @Trunki

But first, we’re going to share with you some old photographs from 6 years ago, featuring a very young looking Trunki Daddy ;o)

 Test launch at Caring Parent Show in Kent 

 First container of Trunki suitcases arrive in the UK. I think they’ve got the wrong end of the stick!

Trunki delivery 2006

 First media photo: Trunki Daddy with Trixie & Terrance

Trunki 2006 Trixie and Terrance Rob Law

 Trunki celebrates it’s 1st Birthday party!

Trunki 1st Birthday Party

Thank you to all our wonderful Trunki fans for getting us where we are today. Leave your memories in the comments box below and let’s hope for another successful year!

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