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Happy Birthday Trunki!!

It’s our birthday! Can you believe it, 9 years ago today, the first ever Trunki was shipped from our warehouse!

Back then, we were operating out of our Trunki Daddy’s bedroom and we were a team of  just 1. We’ve come a long way since those days, selling over 2.5 million Trunki cases and counting. We’ve worked through 5 different case re-designs with our latest model manufactured in the UK and made from entirely recyclable plastic. Trunki has been on Dragon’s Den, (we all remember the moment Theo Paphitis broke poor little Trixie’s strap), starred on The Apprentice and our Trunki Daddy even went to visit the Queen of England to accept an MBE! #RoyalFamous

With our 10th birthday on the horizon, we’ve been wondering what happened to that first generation of Trunki fans. By now they will have grown out of their Trunki cases, (although we know many still refuse to be parted from them) and they’re probably looking for the next step in luggage for older kids.

We did a little bit of investigating to track down the first ever Trunki owner. That’s him in the picture below, sat outside the warehouse when the first Trunki shipment arrived. His name’s Sam and he was just 3 when the photo was taken. He’s 12 now, look how much he’s grown!

We’d love to track down a few more of our original Trunki trend setters to find out what they’re up to now. Did you buy a Trunki case between 2006 and 2008? If so, just click on the link below and complete this quick 5 minute survey and your son or daughter could be selected to join our Trunki Trend Setters and become part of an exciting new launch!

Become a Trunki Trend Setter NOW!

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