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Happy Earth Day!

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Today is Earth day, a special time of year when kids and grown ups alike think about the planet and what they can do to help keep it special. It’s a great excuse to get children talking about the world they live in and making pledges to try and help the environment and keep the planet healthy and clean.

There are loads of fun ways to get your kids involved, from simple activities like planting a tree or making a game out of the recycling, to going on a litter collecting mission in your local park.

Why not print out our special Trunki Earth Day promise token for your children and join the global mission to help save the world!


Our little Trunki family has been busy coming up with their own Earth Day promises too, check out what they’ve been up to for a bit of extra inspiration. Why not print some out to use as reminders for your family!

Plant a garden…


Recycle your things…

Don’t waste water…


Save electricity…


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