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Happy National Space Day!

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Every year on the first friday in May, the world celebrates Space Day, an international campaign to commemorate all the awesome achievements of astronauts. It’s a great excuse for both young and old alike to get involved in math and science projects and generate a bit of excitement about space exploration.

Schools and community groups across the country will be running their own activities today and over the bank holiday weekend, but there are tones of different ways that you can get your family involved. Why not visit your local science centre or take a trip to an observatory? If you have a telescope at home, now’s the time to dust it off and give it a whirl around the sky, or maybe just do a bit of star gazing from your back garden. If you need some inspiration for activity ideas to do with your kids, check out our special Outer Space Pinterest board packed full of fun projects that you can try out at home.

We’re big fans of space exploration ourselves here at Trunki HQ. In fact, there’s a definite theme in our office, so of course we couldn’t resist the chance to get involved in a bit of intergalactic fun today…

Space Day at Trunki

Our astronauts are suited and booted and little Gruffalo Trunki is ready for his first space mission…

Space Day at Trunki

Trixie and Rex are doing a bit of Space Day crafting and making rocket ships to send to Mars…

Space day crafts

And Terrance Trunki is hanging out with astronauts on the moon…

Trunki space day

Happy Space Day everyone!

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