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It’s Global Tiger Day!

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Today is Global Tiger Day, a national day that’s recognised across the world and which aims to celebrate tigers and help raise awareness of the conservational issues faced by the species.

Sadly, due to threats from poachers and changes in their habitats, tigers are now one of the most endangered species on the planet. As part of Global Tiger Day, animal organisations, schools and community groups all over the world will be campaigning to raise awareness of the dangers that wild tigers are facing and asking people to take a moment to celebrate and appreciate the magnificence of these increasingly rare animals.

A short while back, we took our little Tipu the Tiger Trunki for a day out at Longleat Safari Park. It’s a brilliant conservation centre where tigers are able to roam freely across over a hundred acres of land, protected from the threats that face tigers in the wild. He had a grand old time hanging out with his big cat friends (despite picking up a few injuries along the way), so we thought we’d take a quick moment  today to relive some of Tipu’s highlights. You can read more about Global Tiger Day and how you can get involved on the WWF website.

Tipu the Tiger’s big day out…

So, Tipu was a little shy at first, just hanging out by the water and watching the bigger tigers play. But it didn’t take long before they sniffed him out and came over to say hello.

Tiger pool 2

One tiger in particular took a real shine to him…

Tiger carrying Tipu

Play time got a bit rough and tumble but it was all in good fun…

Tiger teeth3

Then it was time for a little rest and a lie down. That tiger was keeping a firm hold of his new friend though, we weren’t sure quite how we were going to get little Tipu back to Trunki HQ!

Tiger paws2

We finally managed to convince the tiger that it was time for our little Trunki to come home. But poor Tipu was looking a little worse for wear after his day of fun. Want to see what happens to a Trunki after a bunch of tigers have been playing with it for a few hours? Here you go…

Tipu Tiger Trunki

Happy National Tiger Day everyone! :-)

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