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Let’s Help Bristol Zoo Build a New Giraffe House!

This month we’re super excited to welcome Gerry the Giraffe, the latest addition to our Trunki line-up!

Gerry is an extra special member of our Trunki family, because for every giraffe Trunki we sell through our website, we’ll donate £5 to Bristol Zoological Society to help support the amazing conservation work their team are carrying out in Africa.

Our little Gerry is part of an increasingly rare population of giraffes, whose numbers have sadly decreased nearly 50% in the past 15 years. There are now less than 80,000 giraffes left in the whole world, and if nothing is done to protect them from poaching, the bushmeat trade and habitat loss, there’s a real chance they will soon become extinct.

It’s time we took action to help save these beautiful, rare creatures! We’re helping Bristol Zoo raise £750,000 to support the work they’re doing to protect the wild giraffe population, and help them build a new enclosure to house giraffes right here in the UK. Visit the Wild Place website to see how you can get involved in supporting their appeal. And if you’re looking for some fun ride-on luggage that your little safari explorer will love, order our new  Gerry the Giraffe Trunki on our website, and £5 of the money you spend will go straight to the zoo!

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