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National Honeybee Day – WIN a Bernard Bee Trunki!

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Bees are awesome – FACT! It’s easy to forget sometimes just how important these fuzzy little creatures are to the food chain, but they’re responsible for pollinating about a third of the world’s fruit and vegetables.

It’s actually estimated that up to 80% of our food supply is directly or indirectly affected by Honey Bee pollination. Whether it’s pollination of your local strawberries or maybe some broccoli growing in your garden, or pollination of the seeds used to produce grain for livestock.

Since this Saturday is National Honey Bee Day, (our little Bernard Bee’s favourite time of year), we thought we’d take a moment to appreciate just how cool bees are. We had a chat with Kayleigh, the Trunki Finance Manager and our very own resident beekeeper, to find out a little more about them…

1- What made you want to start keeping your own bees?
I first got the bug when visiting an apairy (miellerie) in France where I got to try many different types of honey, from sweet light wildflower honey to dark thick forest honey – yum! I love to learn and I knew this was something I wanted to learn more about, and the best way was probably to buy a bee hive!

Kayleigh inspecting the hive!
Bernard and Kayleigh inspecting the bee hive!

2- What does looking after a hive actually involve?
Beekeeping is a huge responsibilty, but it is facinating and I love that I learn something new every time I inspect the hive. During the summer inspections are weekly and my job is to make sure the bees are happy, producing young and making honey. Harvesting the honey is a very messy and sticky job! But the reward is a jar or two of delicious golden honey. :)

Kayleigh's honey harvest!
Yum, just look at all that delicious natural honey… it’s just crying out to hug a crumpet!

3- Can you tell us some cool bee facts?
Honey bees have 5 eyes and can see ultra violet light. Bee’s do a ‘waggle dance’ to tell other bees where to find the best sources of pollen. During warm weather in summer, the number of bees in a hive can reach 60-70,000! During winter this number drops to about 5000.

Here's our Kayleigh looking awesome in her bee-keeping outfit!
Here’s our Kayleigh looking awesome in her bee-keeping outfit!

To celebrate National Honey Bee Day, we’ll be giving away a little Bernard Bee Trunki to one lucky person. Just enter the competition below to be in for a chance of winning!

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