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Pancakes and love hearts

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With both Shrove Tuesday and Valentines Day it’s been an exciting week for everyone! There’s been stuffed teddy bears and stuffed tummies all around…

At Trunki Towers we tried to make some Trunki shaped pancakes – I won’t go into the details but imagine a group of big kids let loose with flour and a worrying inability to flip pancakes!

Today we discovered that Terrance Trunki has a little crush on a certain Penelope Trunki ;o) If you thought a Trunki can’t blush, think again! It all worked out well in the end though, ah, young love!

Why don’t you share with us your experiences? We want to know about your newly discovered pancake fillings and your DIY valentines gifts! Just use the comment box below. If you have some pictures why not share them on our Facebook or Twitter?

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