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Nobody likes tidying up toys, especially kids. But that’s because normal toy boxes are boring and who wants a boring toy box? Not us! Our Trunki ride-on ToyBoxes are different, they’re designed so the kids can have as much fun playing with them as they do with all the stuff they can store inside. Not only are they great, lightweight portable storage, but they can transform into rocking chairs and a ride-on train!

We asked Franca Desjardins, founder of popular parenting blog, A Moment with Franca, to test out our ToyBoxes on her family. She’s also giving away 2 ToyBoxes in the colours of your choice over on her blog now! head

I’m Franca, a lawyer mum of 2 gorgeous girls, married to my best friend and living in London. I’m a cat lover, beauty enthusiast and parenting blogger. 

We tested out the Trunki ToxBoxes at home with the girls and they loved them! They’re perfect for making tidying up fun, provide compact storage, and are great for car travel and taking with you on camping trips! It is not just for storing toys and keeping things tidy, it also keeps your little ones super entertained.

Trunki ToyBox

Bella was so excited about the boxes the moment they arrived. They look fantastic with those bright, fun colours. She has been playing with them everyday.

Trunki ToyBox

The boxes double up as ride-on toys and you can clip them together to turn them into a train, which Bella absolutely loved. The whole idea of going around pulling the other box pretending it is a little train or tow truck is just fantastic!
Trunki ToyBox

You can see here all the different options that you could use this travel ToyBox for. You can use it as a a) ride-on train, b) to pack your kids toys, c) as a rocker and d) as a cart

Trunki ToyBox

These boxes are stackable. This is so easy to do and it leaves your home nice and clutter free! You can also link them up and attach as many as you want!

Sibling time with the travel ToyBox…
Trunki ToyBox

Even my little Sienna had a great time with them. Of course, she is still too little to enjoy all the functionality but she really likes simply putting things in and out of the box. It is so funny and cute to watch.

Bella loves racing her ToyBoxes. She just pushes herself as fast as she can from one side of the room to the other side. The idea of having a race with another child is something that Bella is looking forward to when she has a playdate!

Trunki ToyBox

These boxes are nice and light that they are very easy to lift and take them wherever you want so it is perfect to put them in the car and travel to Grandma’s house for the weekend, bringing along all the toys that the girls want to play with. Or if you go camping, the girls can bring along their favourites toys too. It is so practical and handy!

Check out our video below where we do a demonstration with the girls which shows even better all of the features of this travel ToyBox. For this video, Nick and I decided to swap places, with him doing the demonstration whilst I was filming and directing from behind the camera. To my surprise, I think he did a pretty good job. What do you think?

We were very pleased with the ToyBox and I will definitely recommend them to you. It is not just a pretty, colourful and modern looking product but it is also very practical to be able to keep some favourites toys on hand or ready to go away. On top of that it doubles as a ride-on toy to either make a train or perhaps race with friends.

Want your own set of Trunki ToyBoxes? I’m giving away 2 on my blog now, just ENTER HERE to be in for a chance of winning! ;-)

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