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Share Your Shame – goodie bag winners

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We’ve been cringing on the behalf of our Share Your Shame competition entrants, who shared with us the most embarrassing situations their little angels had ever put them in.

If your child has ever humiliated you in public, rest assured that reading the below will make you feel a lot better…

There are 25 winners in total. The following 15 are winners of the Trunki goodie bag pictured containing Trunki pencil case, purse and disposable camera. Sort of well done to you, but also commiserations on your shame. We hope the goodie bag will help you get over it!

We’ll share the rest of the winners tomorrow.

(Let us know your favourites in the comments below)


In front of others, my friend’s 5 year old asked “why are you not married?”, I said “oh I just haven’t found anyone who wants to marry me”, she said “so does no one love you?” I said “no”, she then said “is it because you’re ugly?” silence was followed by embarrassed polite laughter!!!


Sarah Revill

I was in the house when the doorbell rang and my 8 year old son went to answer the door. “Who is it?” I shouted to him. “It’s Christopher and some bloke” he replied, so off i went to the door to find Christopher and his WIFE stood there. Dont know who was the reddest, them or me :/


Katie Milne

When I was potty training my son jack now 4 he come out of the toilets in doctors and turned to this little old lady and very proudly told her that he had a huge poo and it really smelled. She smiled at him and told him that was nice I was glad the doctor called us in at this point.


Michelle Gergely

My 3 year old picked up a small stick just as we were getting on a bus into town shopping. He pretends that sticks are magic wands and as usual sat next to me waving it and I responded by pulling silly faces. A lady nearby smiled and laughed at his game. He then turned round and started waving his ‘wand’ at her. “Now then, what is your magic wand going to do to me?” she asked. “Make you beautiful.” he replied. Luckily she was not offended by his 3 year old imagination!


Kirsty Jenkins

I was in Primark with my 3 year old daughter. We we were waiting in a very long queue to use the changing rooms. My daughter tripped up my foot and fell over. As she was standing up, she decided to lift my dress up and shout “Oh Mummy, you have knickers on today!!” Everybody laughed whilst i felt my face burning up! PS: I do wear knickers everyday lol.


Jodie Edmunds

My eldest daughters first day at school EVER, and I took my 2 year old daughter to pick her up…. The playground is packed with mums, dads, children etc… All trying to make good impressions on the people we are going to be doing school runs with for the next 7 years. My little one is climbing in the wood chip play area, waiting for her big sister to come out, climbs on to the highest wood stump and shouts as loud as she can  “Mummy, look I am doing it – I’m doing a wee!!!!!” As she has a wee ( like a racehorse!) fully dressed, in front of a playground full of people, in the wood chip like its a giant cat litter box! The joys of potty training !! We made an excellent first impression ;-)


Alison Battersby

When my son was 6 or 7 we were visiting our elderly neighbour Phyllis. We were chatting away when my son asks Phyllis “how old are you?”, so she said “81, that’s very old isn’t it?”. To which my son replies “Oh yes, I think you’re gonna be dead soon” !! I was mortified but Phyllis thought it was very funny and loved retelling the story to everyone.


Katie Hogben

I was at a family BBQ with my 2yr old. A family member who has a bit of a potty mouth was swearing a lot, mainly using the F word.

The next day I was in Tesco with my daughter who was running around the shop pushing her toy pram. She ran out from an aisle and almost into a lady, so I told my daughter to be careful and to move out of the lady’s way. My daughter who was standing right in front of this women turned around and said “F’ing lady” and walked off! I couldn’t believe it! So I apologised! Luckily she saw the funny side. I was not impressed.


Steven Young

At a recent large family gathering my 3 year old daughter said she wanted to sing ‘Tomorrow’ from the film ‘Annie’. Proud as punch I agreed that she could. The room went silent as we all waited for her to start.

Instead of breaking into song she said “daddy, will you show me your willie wonka?”


Catherine McAlinden

I had taken my three year old to the public loos. It’s busy, but deadly silent. Hannah gives a full commentary. “Mummy, it smells in here. Did someone do a trump? Mummy, I can hear someone in the next toilet, what are they doing? I heard a splash, are they having a poo? Do you think they need help wiping? Mummy, I can hear people laughing, why are people laughing?” Then she turns on me. “You have a biiiiig bum Mummy. Do you need a poo? Look at my poo. It’s like a biiiiig sausage” I had to wait until the laughing had stopped before I would come out!


Zoe O Brien

On holiday, when our son was 4, he shouted at the top of his voice from in the swimming pool… “Mummy is it ok if I do a wee, daddy let me yesterday!” Very embarrassing! :)



A year or so ago, just before my little boy turned 4 we were walking back from the Post Office when we saw a man walking his two big English sheepdogs (the Dulux type dogs). Then my boy points and shouted in his loudest voice: “Look mummy, it’s a Durex dog! Durex Durex!” I have never gone so red in my life.


Catherine Fiemans

On a recent trip to the farm I waited with my 6 and 4 year olds for a tractor ride. All was going well and I had a very pleasant chat to the tractor driver who was an elderly gentleman. Out of nowhere my 4 year old very loudly said: “Excuse me man, my mummy has a big willy but she hides it between her legs.” Needless to say I was mortified, my sons were giggling and the tractor driver’s jaw visibly dropped…. then the conversation really dried up!! Cringe!!


Tracey Gwynne

When my stepson and partner were chatting recently, i was asking daddy what celebrity lady he had a secret crush on. My partner joked with his son about who was mine…. “Daddy’s friend Paul on the motorbike”… whoops… ;/


Nancy Bradford

When my son Will was about 5 we went to a place called Fiesta Texas in the US. We were on a lazy river ride and he was protesting because I made him ride with me (he wanted to go on his own). Anyway, we were passing an exit point and he slithered off of the inner tube and made a break for a nearby outdoor cafe (within the theme park). By the time I got to him he had wrapped himself around the base of one of the tables and when I went to extract him he started shouting “bad stranger” over and over. Everyone was looking at me and I had a face as red as a tomato, but luckily my daughter was there to explain that I really was both of their mother. He was normally a quiet, well natured boy.


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