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Share Your Shame – top 10

It’s time to reveal the top ten Share Your Shame competition entries. Our nine runners up have won a £30 voucher and our one lucky winner will be receiving a £150 voucher.

Here they are in reverse order… and if you missed the 15 goodie bag winners, check yesterday’s blog post.

Thanks to all who entered. The shameful situations your little ones have got you into have made us laugh and got us making mental notes… never call people names while little ears might be listening and do not take toilet training toddlers to bathroom showrooms are just two of them!

£30 voucher winners

Penny B

When our daughter was 4, her Dad and her friend’s Dad took them both out to a soft play centre. When the girls needed the loo, both Dads went and stood outside the cubicle door in case they needed help. It was very busy, with lots of other blokes in there, and the girls start talking. “Did you know, my Dad has a very big willy?” says our daughters friend, and our daughter replies, “Yes, it is a shame but my Dad has a very tiny willy” with a big sigh! Apparently everyone was smirking for the rest of their time there!



My little girl stamped on a butterfly, at a zoo amidst several parents and little ones marvelling over the beautiful butterfly. She shoved through to see what the fuss was about and just stamped it dead…what can you say?


Rebecca Blackner

On travelling back from our caravan holiday in Devon we pulled in to get some petrol. Of course we had to visit the toilet whilst there so my 6 year old came in with me I decided to treat her to a chocolate bar as she had been so good in the car. Whilst standing at the shelves and carefully studying which bar to have she leaned on the front of the shelves to reach a bar on the top shelf. The next thing i knew the whole rack of shelves had completely collapsed with chocolate bars everywhere. Calmly looking around her at all the chocolate on the floor she picked up a bar on the top of a huge pile and said “I’ll have this one mummy”. The store assistant’s face was a picture at the thought that she had to pick them all up!


Brita Bevis

While holidaying in Spain, we had taken a day trip to Morocco and the spicy food hadn’t agreed with our small son. On the boat back to Spain, he had a sudden attack of diarrhea… but shot off across the deck, before I could catch him to change his clothes and clean him up. The brown gunge was running down his legs and leaving a smelly trail behind him, and mortified – as several people were sitting in deck chairs watching – I raced after him…. trying to mop the deck with some tissues, as I went.

Seeing my dilemma (which by now, was a source of entertainment for several passengers) a kind woman, gave me a disposable nappy to help clean my son… who I’d finally caught up with, but holding the nappy and my struggling son, I had nowhere to dispose of it. She nodded towards the deck edge, indicating I should toss it over… so I did. Only as the sodden nappy flew over out of my hand, did I spot that the lower deck extended, and several people were sitting in deckchairs right where the nappy was heading. I didn’t stop to see what happened next! It was the most embarrassing day of my life!



My daughter has just started school and has to wear a skirt which she doesn’t usually wear. I have been teaching her that she can lift her skirt up to use the toilet rather than pull it down all of the time. One morning my daughter decided she was going to talk to another child’s (very beautiful) dad. She tapped him on the leg and when he turned around pulled her skirt up around her neck and told him “my mummy taught me to do this like she does.” Needless to say I was mortified as this child’s father just stood there laughing at my embarrassment!


Laura Symons

My lovely little one once said “ohhhhh mummy look at that chubby chubs lady”. To which I replied “No Darling she’s just pregnant”. Then the ‘chubby chubs’ lady turned around and said no that she isn’t pregnant just in fact a ‘chubby chubs’ ! Oops.


Julie Kenny

My youngest two were really into stickers and used to stick them all over me all day. It was time for the school run and to pick up the eldest but I was covered as usual in stickers. Never mind I thought and threw my coat on and rushed to school. It was only when I got a tap on my shoulder in the playground from another mum did I see they had found some other ‘stickers’ and had stuck sanitary towels all over the back of my coat!


Joanne Wood

My daughter used to like to find a quiet, private place to do her number twos in her nappy. One day in our local Argos, while queuing for the tills I could hear her shouting at the top of her voice “go away Daddy” – only to see her hanging on for grim death to one of the displays in the corner of the shop – grunting and straining. My husband had to stand a slight distance away to avoid her getting flustered with him around avoiding the other shoppers – only for her to shout very loudly “I’ve finished!”


T Miller

Having bumped into some elderly ladies we knew in our local supermarket, my Mum and I became engrossed in conversation with them. One of my young daughters (who loves food) quickly descended into boredom, but knowing better than to interrupt, wandered over to look at the yummy delights displayed on the nearby deli counter. It wasn’t until out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the look of absolute horror on the face of the sales assistant stood behind the counter. My daughter was licking the glass front of the counter from bottom to top! We hurriedly left our conversation and the supermarket to the sound of “HYGIENE ASSISTANT TO THE DELI COUNTER IMMEDIATELY PLEASE” echoing over the PA.

Our winner! (gets a £150 voucher)

Kathryn Agius

When the collection bag came round during Mass, my 5 year old son asks LOUDLY “Mummy why did you just take money out the bag, you are supposed to put money in?!”… I reply “I did put money in, I didn’t take it out…’”. “No you didn’t,” he replies “I saw you squeeze your hand in and take the money out”. At this point I am hissing at him to stop, turning beetroot coloured so say through gritted teeth “I promise you Mummy was putting the money in not taking it out”, which results in him standing up and saying in his loudest voice “NO YOU DIDN’T! You took out the money meant for the poor children, what will they do now?!”

I still have no idea why he said it, I emptied my pockets to show him I had no money left! It was the single, most hideous moment of my life. You cannot sink lower than being accused of theft by your own child, in Church, from the collection they were making for a children’s charity in Uganda.

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