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Team visit to the UK Trunki factory!

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What better way to celebrate the news of Trunki manufacturing in the UK than to visit the factory? Well, after getting the cake and bucks fizz out of course ;o)

On Friday the team jumped onto a giant Trunki bus* and headed to Totnes in Devon to take a look around the new Trunki factory. We were even set the challenge of fully assembling our own London 2012 Trunki.

Read more for photos!

Trunki Dust: Ever wondered what Trunki suitcases are made of? Here’s the magical substance itself.

Trunki UK factory Trunki dust

Trunki Shaper: This is the moulding tool that shapes all the melted Trunki Dust into a Trunki case shape!

Trunki UK factory moulding tool

Growing Trunki: The cases have been moulded and their first stamp has been printed, they’re on their way to full toddler age!

Trunki UK factory manufacturing

Hair and makeup: A Trunki needs a lot of colour in their little lives! It’s printing time.

Trunki UK factory manufacturing olympics

Not every Trunki is perfect:But every Trunki is useful for something!

Trunki UK factory manufacturing rejects

Trunki Little Helpers:We were all set the task of assembling a Trunki, that means putting on the horns, wheels, clips, the lot!

Trunki Team UK factory

A British Trunki is born! Here’s a member of our sales team showing off her fully assembled Trunki.

London 2012 Trunki UK factory

What a fun day! :o)

*Giant Trunki bus does not exist.

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