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Teenage tips for happy family travels!

We recently had a lovely young man called Matthew Carlin join us at Trunki HQ as part of a student work placement. He basically spent a whole week going up and down the slide wearing a giant foam hand and riding around the office on a Trunki. Only joking!

He was actually a huge help, manning our social media channels, helping out with our marketing plans and even creating some cool graphics for us to share. While he was here we thought we’d also pick his brain and get him to write a blog post for us with a Teenager’s perspective on family travel.

Here’s what he had to say…

One of the reasons I think that Trunki is the best thing to take with you whilst travelling with children, is because it’s small to carry and takes up little space if you take it with you on public transport or in your car. Despite the fact that it’s small, it’s a great size for a suitcase for young children. The inside is large enough to fit a fare amount of clothes or anything else you’d like to take with you on a day out or holiday.Hi, my name’s Matthew and today I’m going to be talking to you about why I think Trunki is the best thing to use whilst travelling with children and the stuff I love most about them. I am 15 years old; I live in Cardiff and love sport. The reason I’m writing this blog for you today, is because I have three younger sisters and they all have a Trunki. 

Furthermore, you don’t always need to carry the Trunki. If you’re going on a day out or your just walking along with it, you can sit your child on top of the piece of luggage and pull them along. You can do this because underneath the Trunki, there are 2 sets of wheels and a handle on top.

My sister always makes me pull her along on her Trunki when we go on holiday!

One of the main things that I love about the Trunki, is all the possible designs you can have. There are around 21 different designs to choose from. My personal favourite, is the “Bernard the Bee” Trunki. I love this Trunki the most because it is completely unique to all of the others and I feel that the two colours match really well.

The reason I have written this blog for you today, is because I love Trunki’s and all of my three younger sisters have them. As I am surrounded by Trunki’s at home, it has given me a bit of inspiration to write this. All my sisters love Trunki’s and take them everywhere we go. We are frequent travellers in the holidays and they never let us down.

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