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The Art Of Travelling Light

When you take little explorers on holiday, one of the biggest challenges is packing light - especially with the introduction of hefty charges for overweight baggage. Whether you’re off to the Alps for a spot of skiing with the kids, or travelling home for a family Christmas, the best way to travel is light!

Here are our top tips for making sure your luggage doesn’t tip the scales this Christmas:

Make Your Own Fun

When it comes to keeping the kids occupied, why not plan ahead and exchange bulky games with a pinch of imagination? Whether you play a good old fashioned game of I-spy or get your little ones to play-pretend that you’re on an adventure on the way into space, the only limit is your imagination!

Plan Like A Pro

As with most things in life, the key is in the planning. Make sure you check the weather forecast (even if it can be a little unreliable) and don’t let you or your little ones pack things that they won’t wear. Plan out each day and add in some spares in case of accidental puddle jumps or mischievous snowball fights!

Learn The Art Of Origami

Make folding an integral element of your packing strategy and ensure each item is folded as efficiently as possible. What you lose in time carefully packing, you’ll save in space!

Keep Things Simple

Pack functional items relevant to the activities you’ll be doing. Don’t bring formal clothes with you if you won’t be dressing up for anything - be ruthless with your packing and take a load off your mind!

Don’t Take The Kitchen Sink With You

If you’re flying on adventures far and wide, you might find that some heavier items, such as liquids, could be easier to buy abroad. If not, then it goes without saying that those (adorable) mini travel bottles will save you space - and as an added bonus, they’re super cute!


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