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The New Travel Solution for Young People is Coming!

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Trunki have been creating children’s luggage for nearly 10 years and we’ve become one of the best known family travel brands. But what happens when the kids grow up?

There’s a world of difference between the travel needs of toddlers and teens! Over the years we’ve received 100’s of messages from parents whose children have outgrown their Trunki suitcase, asking us ‘what comes next?’ So we’ve been working on a solution.

We’ve spent four years looking at the travel needs of young people and creating the ultimate suitcase that provides all the practicality of adult luggage, with the fun, quirky design that Trunki customers have grown to know and love. If you’ve been following our social channels, you’ll know that we’ll shortly be unveiling  JURNI, the brand new suitcase for the next generation of travellers! We’re keeping the details top secret until the launch, but we thought we’d give you a bit of an insight into our design process and a few sneaky hints about what the new suitcase might look like.

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What makes the perfect suitcase for young travellers?

As kids get older, the cost of the stuff they pack for holidays goes up. We surveyed 100’s of young people aged between 11 and 18 and found that the average value of the top 5 travel essentials for children in secondary school now comes to over £620! These days, young people are glued to their tech and gadgets, from their phone, to their iPod or tablet. This stuff is expensive and we understand that people want a way to keep it safe. So our new Jurni suitcase comes with some rather special storage features to not only make sure your valuables are protected, but allow you to take them with you where ever you go and keep them always close to hand.


We understand that when kids reach a certain age, they suddenly start craving independence. They’re always in a hurry to grow up and they start aspiring to teenage products from a much younger age. If you’ve got tweens or teens at home, you probably find that they spend half their time either chatting with their friends or with headphones on, plugged into their own little world.

This doesn’t have to spell the end of family holidays, but we wanted to create a travel solution to help young people create their own personal space even when they’re with their families. So our Jurni suitcase has been designed with some rather unique features to allow travellers to take their own little ‘bubble’ with them, where ever they go.


Finally, we know kids still want to have FUN, no matter how old they are! We get loads of requests from parents begging us to create a adult Trunki so they can have as much fun travelling as their kids do. We’re not creating an actual ‘giant Trunki’, but our new Jurni has been designed with some really special quirky features to make make using it just as much fun!

We’re really excited about the big reveal and you’ll be able to see exactly what our new Jurni looks like on the 16th of November. In the mean time make sure you sign up HERE for updates and exclusive early-bird discounts of up to 40% off!

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