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Trunki at LolliBop Festival

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Did you go to LolliBop festivalthis year? If you did you may have seen some of the Trunki Troop lounging around enjoying themselves!

We love LolliBop, and this year we decided to treat little festival goers to some Trunki products to play around with whilst there. A big bunch of Trunki Travel ToyBox’s were used to store craftsand magazines, the SnooziHedz adorned the mummy bloggers lounge and were given away as press gifts. And of course, the Trunki suitcases themselves proved to be great entertainment for the the children in the VIP lounge- perhaps a couple even escaped! ;o)

Here are some photos of the day. If you went to LolliBop, tell us about it in the comments box below! Should we go again next year?

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