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We’re offering a free 5 year guarantee with every new Trunki purchase!

Since launching in 2006 we’ve have always followed a strict re-duce, re-use, recycle policy. Our signature ride-on suitcase was designed for disassembly meaning any damaged cases can be fixed with replacement parts, preventing product ending up in landfill sites, making it more likely to be stashed in a loft for the next generation! The guarantee takes this to a new level, showing just how confident we are in the quality of our (British made!) Trunki suitcase.

We’re the only children’s luggage brand to offer a 5 year guarantee. (But we’ve always been more comfortable standing out and leading the way, than following the crowd!) We ask that all new case purchases are registered herewithin 30 days of purchase, and that you show a receipt so we can check that it was bought from an approved Trunki retailer.

For those of you who bought a Trunki more than 30 days ago and think you’re missing out, fear not! We don’t believe in offering benefits to ‘new customers only’ so you’re invited too, just register here and make sure you still have proof of purchase.

And for those of you who lost your receipt down the back of the sofa back in June 2013, don’t worry, we’ll still be  providing top notch customer service. So whether you’ve lost a strap, or Trunki took a tumble down the stairs and needs a new wheel – just drop an email to and we’ll always do our best to help!

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