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Trunki Launch New Suitcase with Indiegogo Campaign

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Trunki first launched nearly 10 years ago with that now infamous Dragon’s Den episode, when Theo Paphitis broke poor little Trixie’s strap. Our Trunki Daddy was left humiliated and empty handed, with Peter Jones calling the company “worthless” and Deborah Meaden saying it simply wasn’t a “business opportunity.”

Oh, how wrong they were!

Trunki has gone on to become one of the best loved children’s travel brands in the UK. We’ve been lucky enough to receive overwhelming levels of support from the public and we’ve now sold over 2.8 million cases and counting!

Our Dragon’s Den adventure may have been disappointing at the time, but actually it was one of the best things that could have happened to us.  It gave us a springboard to reach out to hundreds of thousands of people. Our fans were able to recognise a great invention when they saw one, and the rest is history. Now we’re reaching out the public again, this time to help us launch  Jurni, our brand new suitcase for the next generation of young travellers.

We’ll be going live on popular crowd-support platform,   Indiegogo, next week and you’ll be able to learn all about our latest luggage innovation and be among the first to pre-order the new design. We’re keeping the details top secret until the launch, but you can read a bit more about our design process and get a few sneaky hints about some of the suitcase’s exciting new features HERE.

Why are we launching on Indiegogo?

We’re using Indiegogo to help raise the crowd-support needed to launch our campaign on a global level. We really believe consumers have the power to decide what’s a great product and can genuinely help shape its development before it comes to market. We’d like to harness this power for the launch of our new Jurni suitcase, which aims to bring the same rewarding experience Trunki gives to travelling tots, but this time to the next generation of travellers.

We’re aiming to hit our Indiegogo target of $30,000 in just 8 weeks after we launch on Monday and we want to reward all our loyal Trunki followers who back our pre-launch campaign with some extra special treats. Not only will you be one of the first people in the world to own a Jurni suitcase, but we’ll be offering some amazing early-bird deals with fantastic free gifts and up to 40% off the retail price.

These limited offers will run out fast, so make she you subscribe to our Jurni mailing listto be the first find out when it goes live!

Get up to 40% OFF Jurni – SIGN UP NOW!

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