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Where’s Boris?

Our new London Bus Trunki, Boris, is planning to do a bit of sight seeing over the next few weeks. He loves nothing more than driving around London with his little crew of animal passengers, ringing his bell and checking out the cool corners of the city.

While Boris is off on his adventures, we thought we’d set you a little challenge to see if you can guess where he is. We’ll be sharing some holiday photos of him and his friends on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram over the next few weeks and if you can guess where he is from the picture you could win a London Bus Trunki of your very own. We’ve got 3 prizes up for grabs, so just enter by commenting on a photo or by tweeting us using the #WhereIsBorris hashtag and your name will be entered into the raffle.

UK entries only. Winners will be announced on Facebook/ Twitter and Instagram, so don’t forget to follow ;-)


More Information:

Boris is sending us 3 postcards from his travels which we’ll share on our social media channels over the next 3 weeks. Enter the raffle for each one by commenting on the photo to tell us where you think he is or by using the #WhereIsBoris hashtag on Twitter. Correct answers for each photo will be entered into a raffle and a winner drawn at random within 5 days of the photo being shared.

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