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Winner announcement: London 2012 Olympics competition!

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Over 150 of you decided to put your best foot forward and enter our Olympic-themed competition with Destination board games. There were some fantastic ideas for an additional game to the Olympics. We have 5 of our own medals to give away, and although they aren’t gold, silver or bronze, they do come in the form of a London 2012 Trunki suitcase and some  Destination Junior London 2012 Sports board games!

So here are the winners…

Trunki Gold

The grand winner of a London 2012 Trunki plus a Destination London 2012 Sports board game is:

#147    Joy Atkin


In the Travolympic Packathon, little athletes have 2 stages – preparing their holiday items and Trunki accessories and the race. From the words Ready Teddy GO, athletes will begin a race of packing their own Trunki case with essentials for their holiday – Swimwear, Sweets, toys, books and they have to fit and close the Trunki before the main race.

They will then sit and roll their trunki the 100m to the finish, to the soundtrack of Nellie the Elephant, where an inflatable Airport is at the finishing line.

The winner is the first to get onto the inflatable!

Happy Travels!

4 Runner ups

These are the entries that we absolutely loved but didn’t quite make Trunki Gold! Each wins a Destination Junior London 2012 Sports board game.

#63    Claire Jackson

A dressing up race – a trunki case filled with dressing up clothes (clothes that you would take on holiday, hat, gloves sunglasses, scarf etc) you have to put the clothes on in the fastest time then sit on your trunki and race finish line. Points are awarded for finishing the course in the quickest time but points taken away if the clothes are not on correctly. The person with the most points wins.


#7    Hollie Posthill

Olympic Ducking & Weaving! Children (including my 2 year old) have an amazing ability to run away in shopping centres/supermarkets/parks at an amazing speed ducking and weaving through legs, around trolleys, under clothes racks etc, making it hard even with two to catch them – The children think its very amusing, the parents usually look exacerbated. If I was on the olympic comittee my new olympic sport would be ducking and weaving. A zigzag course set out where each participating chathlete’s (child athelete!) course interweaves each other. They’ll be strangers legs to dive between, obstacles to leap over and each chathlete will have a parent to try and catch up with them. The Gold Medal will be awarded to the child that resists capture and completes the course in the quickest time. Giggles galore!!


#145    Gaynor brown

I’d do a real fun obstacle course using models of all the top London attractions as the obstacles so it would be something like running through the houses of parliament then climbing over London bridge running around big Ben and jumping over the tower of London but can also add the London eye Buckingham palace marble arch ect all set out in a fun way not only are the kids learning the names of these famous landmarks ( also learning what they look like if they didn’t know) they are having great fun and keeping fit to :-) x


#102    Ruth Davies

Bouncing off a trampoline into a huge sea of mattresses that are on top of a circular bouncy castle, then clambering over them for 50 metres, till they reach a shallow moat filled with jelly, custard, glitter and basket balls, each of which are labelled with a prize, then they have a minute to throw as many basketballs through the hoop as they can, and into a tube underneath, and they get all the prizes that are labelled on the balls they have picked. The one with the most balls netted wins, but everyone goes home happy :) There would be a time limit so the ones who get over the mattresses faster have more time to score.



Congratulations to all 5 of our winners! But most importantly, thanks to all those who took part.

Winners will be notified by email and must respond within 7 working days.

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