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Winners announced! Shark & Whale PaddlePak Testing

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After launching the humorous Little Scientist’ video, we asked you readers to tell us what you would set as Test 5 for the PaddlePak experiment. Well, what a great response! We giggled our way through your creative, silly and even practical ideas for the test.

Take a look for yourself here. Aside from the strength, durability, capacity and waterproof tests we have already tested for (in the video), how would you test the PaddlePak bags?

Here are the THREE winners (in no particular order) with the ideas we liked the most ;o)

1. Steve Newton

The Jealousy Test – Strap on the bag to one Brother (in our case, Joel Aged 5), then let him walk past his younger brother and sister (Twins, Leo and Scarlett – aged 3), and time how long it takes before jealousy kicks in and they both want the PaddlePak. Jealousy can be measured by noise level of who screams the loudest, fake crying, floor diving, and general tantrums. If all occur then the jealousy test has passed and another 2 PaddlePaks must be purchased!


2. Jeremy Rance

The ‘Find it Quickly’ Test- My son has to place his bag in a pile of about 30 bags when they have outdoor activities or go on trips
. This eye catcher will definitely save him FISHING about to find his, and possibly save a mini tantrum!


3. Lucy Tyler

The Portable Beach Test- I would test whether it can withstand being turned into my son’s own portable beach as it is likely to get filled up with the sand, sea water, shells and any crabs that he is brave enough to pick up! I guess this would mean it would need to be waterproof (which it is), sand proof, protective to stop the shells breaking and crab resistant as I don’t think he would be too happy if the crabs pinched him while he was carrying his portable beach!


Congratulations to our 3 winners, and thank you to everyone else that took part :o)

Winners will be contacted by email and must respond with confirmation within 7 working days. Winners must also fit criteria in the the rules stated in the competition post.

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