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ZSL Animal Conservation: Leeroy the Lion SnooziHedz

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You’ve all been introduced to the adorable Animal SnooziHedz, but now it’s time to get to know them individually. If you saw our last post, you’d know that for every SnooziHedz sold, 50 pence will be donated to a relevant charitable cause.

Well, this is how  Leeroy the Lion SnooziHedz will be helping the Asian lions in ZSL London Zoo.

About the Asian Lions

This is the lion of the bible and Roman arenas. It used to range from Greece, across the Middle East to India, but persecution has virtually wiped it out and it is now critically endangered.  In 2011 411 Asian lions remain in the wild surviving in only one forest reserve in India.  Captive breeding is key to safeguarding their survival.

The pride at ZSL London Zoo consists of our pride male and female who are proud parents of Rubi and her younger twins Heidi and Indi.

Enrichment equipment for Asian lions needs to be very strong they are top predators with strong bodies and very large, very sharp teeth and claws. The lion cubs go through a lot of toys in a year we have to use extra tough balls and equipment made especially for lions.

Every year we use up to 220 meters of thick natural fibre rope to make lion pull toys and balls.

Lions use their keen sense of smell to hunt and communicate with very sensitive noses they have a natural interest in all scents.  We provide a range of scents for the lions to encourage scent marking behaviours some scents make the lions really playful like lavender.

The money raised from these feisty feline pillows will go towards the following from the Zoo Keepers’ Wish List:


Watch this amazing video of 5 month old lion clubs playing with their Mother, Abby at ZSL London Zoo.


For further information about the Lions at the Zoo, including facts, pictures an videos, click here.

To invest in a lovely Leeroy Lion, click here to visit the product page.


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